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Twitter Web App : In Britain and Ireland There always has to be a tune ...
“Hey! Bill! Leave our kids alone”

Twitter Web App : Better watch out deepstate! Looks like The Lions are stirring! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

“I Will Not take the mark of the beast!”

“We don’t need no vaccination. We don’t need no thought control. We don’t need depopulation. We don’t want to be a clone. Hey! Bill! Leave those kids alone!”


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Twitter Web App : Good news.
Are you in the 99.9%

Twitter for iPad : Reevo Masks are a daily sight laying in our streets and car parks, discarded. No doubt being blown into our countryside.

This is hospital waste that have been incinerated.

There is an answer. Hemp. 100% biodegradable.

Twitter for iPad : Masks and the never ending waste of man...…

Twitter Web App : Its incredibly childish but I found this enormously enjoyable to make and thats the important thing. #pmqs

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Twitter for iPad : The silencing of NHS workers, why?…

Twitter for iPad : Prof. Emeritus of Immunology, Beda M. Stadler, former head of the Bern Inst. of Immunology (now retired)

Giving us another very nice explanation of how the PCR Test for #COVID19 works, and why a positive test certainly doesnt guarantee that youre infected with the virus.

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Twitter for iPad : The RT HON George Eustice MP Here are the Voices of the U​.​K. Pet Owners and families suffering the nightmare of Pet Theft giving reasons why Pet Theft should be a Law in its own right given by the thousands of U​.​K. Families affected b... via UK

Twitter for iPad : Awesome update

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Twitter for iPad : Has anyone ever seen Bill Gates wear a mask?

Asking for a friend...

Twitter for iPad : Facebook will allow images, video of Netflix "cuties" but images of starving children in #Yemen are deleted as "child porn". Great Reset.

Twitter for iPad : Tobias Ellwood MP ‘Entering a new chapter’?

Of what, FRAUD?

The PCR test is a fraud.

The entire country is being held hostage with fraudulent tests.

The Germans are suing the government over PCR fraud.

This will set a precedent for the U.K. to sue and claim compensation for fraud.

Twitter Web App :…