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Twitter Web App : Live w/ some ranked VALORANT with the boys for a bit. Probably play some EFT a bit later, come chill - twitch.tv/Relyks

Twitter Web App : Hutch I'm so sorry for your loss, sending love to you and your family. At least she was able to pass away peacefully, surrounded by those that loved her. May she RIP ❤️

iPhone : Forgot to tweet but we’re live playing some VALORANT ranked, testing dual-PC with NDI. Couple more games then gonna play some EFT prob - twitch.tv/Relyks

Twitter Web App : Nick Cannella An absolute beast and legend within the CS community. Best of luck with whatever you decide to do next 👊🏻

Twitter Web App : Just wanted to post me getting annihilated. I had to compress the video b/c Twitter wouldn't let me upload it so it looks worse than usual :x

Now we know JoshP, stand in the stairwell lmao..

Twitter Web App : Ah, I see they added multiple automatic mounted grenade launchers to Customs (that kill you through walls apparently, all the way at dorms across the map xD) Battlestate Games

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Twitter Web App : Go watch a guy that hasn't really played Jett since beta play against THE Jett-Judge gamer himself 😝 twitter.com/Cloud9/status/…

Twitter Web App : & for the last round for those wondering (since I was told many are asking): the comm was just made very fast and I misunderstood & died in that split second. Shit happens :x pic.twitter.com/qTfOksMEsT

Twitter Web App : We lose 3-1 to Sen & place 2nd in the PAX Arena Invitational, ggs to them. Didn't get much going on Split but had a couple iffy plays + close rounds on Bind/Ascent, feels like either map could have gone our way.

At the very least we're definitely improving, back to the lab 👊🏻

iPhone : Forgot to tweet, now 1-1 after a second map W from us. Let’s keep it going, stream below 👍🏻 twitter.com/thespikegg/sta…

Twitter Web App : Live w/ a lil' test of my dual-PC stream, currently EXTRA bootleg mode, shits goin wrong but just want to see what the quality looks like etc. Playing some EFT and chillin for a bit - twitch.tv/Relyks

Twitter Web App : GGs to Homeless, we win 2-0 and make it to the finals of the PAX Arena Invitational to play Sentinels. They impressed this tourney, I'm sure they'll find a home soon. Hoping for a good match tomorrow 💪🏻 #IgnitionSeries

Twitter Web App : GGs, we win 2-0 vs Immortals with some close games and we move on to the semi-finals tomorrow! Really happy with how we were playing even when going down early. Let's keep going 😊