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Bio Congresswoman & lifelong organizer. Proudly serving WA-07. Co-Chair of @USProgressives, Member of @HouseJudiciary, @EdLaborCmte and @HouseBudgetDems. She/her.
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iPhone : We need to establish an independent federal agency to investigate all officer-involved shootings and excessive uses of force.

I am working on legislation to make this a reality.

iPhone : I’ve experienced prejudice and racism in my own life, and I understand the heartache that many are going through.

We must meet this moment with peaceful reflection, justice, and real change. (2/3)

iPhone : How many times do we have to see a Black person killed on video for there to be an immediate arrest?

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iPhone : George Floyd was murdered by police.

Instead of bringing our nation together during this crisis, Trump wants to turn the US military on our own people and murder more innocents.

He has no conscience, no morals, and no business leading this country.

iPhone : -End Qualified Immunity

-Establish a national use of force standard

-Create database of decertified officers

-Support community oversight

-Demilitarize police

-Deprioritize minor offenses

-Investigate all fatal police shootings

-Promote alternatives to 911

For starters...

iPhone : When Black Americans are unjustly treated on camera, it rightly gets attention. But don’t forget that behind the scenes are countless invisible injustices in health, justice, housing, education.

We need to transform America.

iPhone : There can be no justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, or any of the human beings who have been killed by law enforcement. For in a just world, they would still be alive.

There must, however, be accountability.

iPhone : For too long, Black & brown bodies have been profiled, surveilled, policed, lynched, choked, brutalized & murdered at the hands of police officers. We cannot allow these fatal injustices to go unchecked any longer. Today, I’m introducing a Resolution to Condemn Police Brutality.

Twitter Web App : Our hearts and minds have been burning with injustice for far too long.

It is time for us not to only guarantee justice to the family of George Floyd, but to everyone else who has experienced injustice within our criminal justice system.

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TweetDeck : This crisis is hitting communities of color the hardest, with some neighborhoods in WA reaching 40% unemployment. We need solutions that match the scale of this crisis. My Paycheck Recovery Act will guarantee every worker’s paycheck during this crisis.…

Twitter Web App : The positive testing rate for COVID-19 in ICE detention facilities is 51% with more than 1400 positive cases.

We must pass my FIRST Act to finally give immigrants the same access to public health practices as the rest of us.

Twitter Web App : We must build movements on the inside & outside to dismantle white supremacy. What that means is—for those of us who aren’t black—being better allies in addressing anti-blackness in our communities. What that means is standing in solidarity to confront power with protest &action.

Twitter Media Studio : We have to be real about what this means for black people. Betrayal upon betrayal. Killing upon killing. White supremacy unleashed not only in this moment but in systems that disrespect black lives, that dont just allow for but condone the murders of black people with impunity.

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Twitter Web App : The Paycheck Recovery Act meets the scale of this crisis by keeping workers on payroll, ending mass unemployment, protecting health care, and ensuring businesses don’t close permanently. It’s the best path forward for workers, businesses, and our economy.…

Twitter Web App : Under a cruel, for-profit health care system, a mass unemployment crisis turns into a mass uninsured crisis.

Under Medicare for All, health care would be guaranteed. And that includes mental health care.…

Twitter Web App : Oh spare me. I'll be damned if I'm going to let Betsy DeVos and the transphobic Trump administration get away with taking federal funds from schools who support inclusive policies and LGBTQ+ equality.…

Twitter Web App : Every day that we don’t pass my #FIRSTAct, more immigrant lives are put at direct risk. Now, there are 1392 positive cases with a positive testing rate of 52%.
This can’t wait any longer.