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Twitter Web App : The radical left is coming after our monuments, our history, and even the 4th of July.

Our chairman Todd Young explains why this Independence Day is so important. 🇺🇸

Twitter Web App : Some of you aren’t starting out your day with breakfast and it shows.

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Twitter Web App : “The loser here is the chance for bipartisan agreement on police reform, which shows that Democrats don’t really care about the substance of chokeholds and the rest. Their priority is using George Floyd’s unjust killing as a campaign issue to regain power”…

Twitter Web App : Inexcusable rhetoric from a failed leader who has not been serious about legislating in years.

Tim Scott deserves far better than the gamesmanship we are seeing from craven Democrats.…

Twitter Web App : Shocking behavior from Democrats.

They’re not just blocking debate on a Republican bill, they’re blocking their OWN BILLS from advancing.

All these Democrats know is obstruction.…

Twitter Web App : When the mob tearing down confederate statues tears down the general who *beat* the confederacy and helped free the slaves, the mob has lost their way.

It’s time for order.…

Twitter Web App : Joe has held elected office in Washington and been making these same promises for 50 years.

But he’s surely going to get it done this time.…

Twitter Web App : NEW VIDEO: Sara Gideon says one thing but does another, and Mainers can see right through it. Shes not worth the gamble. #MESen #mepolitics

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Twitter Web App : 4 Years ago today Muhammad Ali passed away.

Rest in peace my dear friend.

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Twitter Web App : We cannot allow the recent acts of racial injustice to fade from the public’s consciousness and have us move silently back to the status quo.

It is time for us to have a robust and inclusive national dialogue on racial inequities & how we move forward as a country.

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Twitter Web App : Some of his best work ⬇️

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Twitter Web App : Happy Birthday to Adam Scheidler, one of the best video wizards in the game.

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