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Twitter Web App : 「desp」 It’s a WHITE bedsheet. My son could’ve been wearing one of them...and he’s straight up Asian.

The fu*ck is wrong with you black folks?

Twitter Web App : Mark Chase So the concept of the Holy Trinity (Father, Spirit, Son) does not apply to your theological demeanor, pastor?

Please resign.

Twitter Web App : Joe Biden visited Tampa today, so I asked him what his favorite scene was in “Cuties”...

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Twitter Web App : Mark Chase These people die to protect people like us.

Resign your pastoral role if you continue endorsing the BLM terrorist organization.…

Twitter Web App : Warning: very graphic video released from the shooting of two Tulsa officers in a traffic stop. One of them died.

This is what they face on a daily basis. Tasers & pepper spray often don’t work. Remember this scene when you are quick to condemn officers in escalating situations

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Twitter Web App : Ben Shapiro Mosquitoes are also racist as they bite my Indian wife far more than me.

I don't take offense though, I honestly prefer the darker meat at Thanksgiving from the Turkey, man it's good.

I assume the mosquitoes have a similar preference.

See....this is fucking ridiculous.

Twitter Web App : Chuck Callesto LASD will not let this go unpunished. One of two things will happen:

Unidentified dead body found

Unidentified half-beaten-to-death body found with multiple trauma and brain injury, and unlikely to recover.

Twitter Web App : Mark Chase My family migrated to the US 30 years ago with nothing. They built themselves up and raised three kids with Masters degrees.

Black people have been here for 400 years... it’s. Not. Privilege.

It’s called hard work.

Get smart and learn to code.
Don’t rap. Don’t gangbang.