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iPhone : Trump's schedule today.

1. Take drugs + watch TV.
2. Apply fake tan
3. Take more drugs and watch more TV.
4. Have disastrous interview with CBS
5. Get wired up with Adderall
6. Have disastrous press conference in Rose Garden.
7. Eat a Big Mac and watch TV
8. Take downer to sleep

iPhone : The GOP will suddenly care very much about the Hatch Act the minute Biden becomes President.

They will also suddenly care very much about Coronavirus deaths, unemployment, and the budget deficit then.

But not at all until then.

iPhone : Eric Trump Is it true your Dad used to sit Ivanka on his lap while you and Don Jr. wrestled on the floor then he’d KICK the one on the bottom?
That’s sick Eric!

iPhone : What’s really interesting about this rambling speech is it’s been 18 days since we first found out that the president knew Russia put a bounty on our soldiers and he still has done nothing about it.

iPhone : Watching this nightmare in the rose garden is a good reminder that every Republican who has enabled this – which is to say, every Republican except Romney, once – should be removed from office.

iPhone : Trump sounds heavily medicated, his right eye nearly shut, in a Rose Garden rant. He attacks Biden & says cutting tests will reduce cases. His voice is noticeably weaker recently. His denial of COVID19 mirrors his denial of his dementia. He’s showing the world how unhealthy he is