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Bio President of the @AFLCIO. Proud husband, dad, grandpa, and @MineWorkers member. Fighting to give everyone a voice on the job. #1u | he/him
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Twitter Web App : Pittsburgh is a proud union town and the Block family should get rid of their union-busting law firm and return to the negotiating table.…

iPhone : As a U.S. senator, she has achieved a perfect AFL-CIO lifetime score, working to create a fairer process for forming a union and protecting our health care and retirement security. We look forward to electing her America’s next vice president. #1u

iPhone : .Kamala Harris has spent her career tackling some of the most critical issues facing working families. As CA’s attorney general, she held big banks accountable in the wake of the housing crisis, prosecuted employers for stealing our wages & advanced criminal justice reform.

Twitter Web App : Donald Trump is attacking the financial security of vulnerable Americans already devastated by a pandemic that has destroyed lives and livelihoods.

We will stop him from harming the funding for #SocialSecurity, #Medicare, and #disability insurance benefits.

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iPhone : And in the case of cutting Social Security and Medicare, he is acting recklessly and illegally. It is time for the administration to go back to the negotiating table

iPhone : He just cut the benefits of out-of-work Americans by $200 a week, and is trying to stop Congress from moving forward to allow schools to open safely.

iPhone : For someone who claims to have mastered the art of the deal, the president is once again withdrawing to his corner and signing wholly inadequate executive orders that do not meet this moment.

iPhone : His decision to walk away from negotiations on an overdue, comprehensive COVID-19 response package is just the latest retreat in the face of this historic virus.

iPhone : With a thousand Americans dying a day, the economy in tatters and millions of working people in dire need of relief, President Trump is doing what he does best: cut and run.

Twitter Web App : We're five months into a health and economic crisis. 18 million are out of work.

But instead of sending another stimulus check, or doing ANYTHING to help people pay their rent and bills -

The White House is telling workers to #FindSomethingNew.

That's it. That's their plan.

Twitter Web App : Trump cannot delay the election. No president can delay the election.…

Twitter Web App : There is a solution. Pass the #HEROESAct which includes a workplace infectious disease standard. Lives depend on it.

Twitter Web App : In a one line order, the DC Circuit refused to rehear our OSHA_DOL ETS petition. Nearly 150,000 people have died from the coronavirus and still no national standard for workers who need protections during a pandemic. Shameful. #1u

iPhone : When John Lewis marched on Washington, across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, and through the halls of Congress, he marched for us. Now it’s on all of us to continue his righteous march for equality, justice and dignity.…

Twitter Web App : The Leader McConnell has said the American economy “needs another shot of adrenaline.” The #HEROES Act is that antidote—and it’s been on his desk for 68 days.

🗓️ not 1 day
🗓️ not 14 days
🗓️ not 30 days
68 DAYS.

Twitter Web App : Despite the obstacles this memo presents, we remain committed to do our part to ensure a fair and accurate count of every human being.