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Twitter Web App : Currently, almost 7% of overall trips in Bogotá are on bicycles, more than in any other city in Latin America. The city aims to have 50% of total trips made on bikes or other micromobility alternatives.

iPhone : I agree:

There’s a lot of room for some shift away from “super-star” cities that would benefit both the big cities and medium sized ones.

As our recent research Brookings Metro has shown, the “super-stars” became too “super” in the last 15 years.

Amy Liu Richard Florida…

iPhone : Here’s disquieting new work from Richard Florida about the COVID threat to the culture industries.

My worry is not that the arts will cease—they are a human instinct—but that the business of culture will dissipate and further diminish the whole enterprise.
bill peduto…

iPhone : Richard Florida The New York City you visited while at Rutgers - full of punks and new wavers and bohemians and other low-rent cultural innovators - may rise again.

iPhone : Robert Crump Ben Carlos Thypin Richard Florida had a thread today pointing to the opportunity for a "NYC reset" where the city can get zoning right for housing density and open up for more local businesses. Then expansion into the other regional cities. It's an interesting idea:…

Twitter Web App : 18. End of rant: But the main point is that COVID0-19 creates a once in a century opportunity to rebuild our cities and metros better - along more equitable, inclusive and resilient lines. Let's do it!

Twitter Web App : 17. This kind of approach to regional rebalancing or *REGION-BUILDING* could be a centerpiece of a new transformative urban or metro strategy under Biden focussed on creating 15 minute neighborhoods.

Twitter Web App : 16. Cities like Newark, New Brunswick, Trenton, Paterson ... can regain their roles as regional employment nodes ...

Twitter Web App : 15. A hub and spoke system make sense. Abandoned malls can be repurposed into suburban satellite centers ...

Twitter Web App : 14. The Regional Plan Association is making the case to rebalance NYC's office & employment market bolstering regional satellites ...

Twitter Web App : 12. Rand and others are already saying commercial space can be repurposed into housing, and especially affordable housing ...

Twitter Web App : 11. This is just a saner, healthier and saner way to live ... & work ... & build cities ... & suburbs.

Twitter Web App : 10. And get on with rebuilding the city & the metro region around 15-minute neighborhoods, in the city, in the suburbs, where people can work closer to where they live & shorten commutes.

Twitter Web App : 9. The gargantuan office towers & over-stuffed CBD are physical manifestations of a bygone era. It is time to bid them goodbye ...