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iPhone : “Momma...Momma...I am through.” I keep thinking of that moment and it’s complete vulnerability and truth in a way that pierces through all the tweets and cable news.…

TweetDeck : There were almost a thousand American lives lost due to police violence in 2018.

I am as sick and tired of watching the inaction as you are.

The PEACE Act that I introduced with Lacy Clay MO1st will make sure that officers who needlessly use lethal force are held accountable.

TweetDeck : If you are still perplexed as to why Black people feel like the targets of police violence, look at this graphic.

Too many lives have been lost.

With the PEACE Act, if an officer uses lethal force other than as a last resort, they will be held fully accountable.

TweetDeck : Countries where police can only use deadly force as a last resort:

✅ Belgium
✅ Denmark
✅ France
✅ Germany
✅ Greece
✅ Iceland
✅ Netherlands
✅ Portugal
✅ Spain
✅ Sweden
✅ Switzerland
✅ U.K.

❌ United States

This is why Lacy Clay MO1st and I introduced the PEACE Act.

TweetDeck : Rate of people killed by police — by race:

🔹 Black: 30 per million
🔹 Hispanic: 20 per million
🔹 White: 12 per million

How many communities have to mourn before there's finally justice? The fight for police accountability is the fight for racial justice in America.

TweetDeck : People in many states are earning the same minimum wage they earned in 2009.

Unfortunately we cant say the same about the rising cost of living.

Change cant wait any longer. I will keep fighting until every American earns AT LEAST $15/hour. #FightFor15

TweetDeck : People in Minneapolis are in pain. They are sick of seeing the police murder members of their community only to be told that there's not enough evidence to convict.

As MLK said five decades ago: A riot is the language of the unheard.

It's well past time that we listen.

iPhone : I send love to my neighbors and those in the streets. I see and share your call for more than lip service in response to outrage. We must have systemic change at every level. What we are witnessing in GA is anguish, frustration and anger that demands a voice. 1/5

TweetDeck : Trump has already destroyed America's global leadership and reputation.

Now he's announced he's pulling the U.S. out of the WHO in the middle of a pandemic, all because he needs a scapegoat for his own failed COVID-19 response.

As usual, it's Trump first and America last.

TweetDeck : There won't be peace without concrete action.

Black people in Minneapolis and around the country have mourned too many loved ones and seen too little justice.

Arrest the officers. Investigate Minneapolis PD. And let's make it law that force is a last resort only and always.

iPhone : For our democracy to change, we must face what it means to run for office as a Black woman. At a virtual town hall this week, white supremacists told RI senate candidate Jennifer Rourke to “get lynched.” Please share her message. We need to hear it, especially today. #IStandWithJen…

TweetDeck : Derek Chauvin has been arrested for kneeling on #GeorgeFloyd's neck until he died.

It's about time.

Now it's time to arrest the other three cops who helped Chauvin and did nothing as Floyd took his last breaths.

TweetDeck : Whether we look at New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, or the 1967 riots in Detroit, there's a long, uneasy history of police killing black people they believe are "looting."

Trump's tweet invokes that ugly history.

TweetDeck : That Donald Trump was unwilling to call the racists in Charlottesville "thugs" but is calling Black protesters standing up for racial justice "thugs" tells you everything you need to know about the man and his presidency.

TweetDeck : Weve focused more on bailing out corporations and large banks than we have on the ordinary Americans who are bearing the brunt of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Heres the result.

iPhone : .Mark Muro It would have been harder for Trump to demonize social media companies if they had decentralized jobs in the Midwest and South so that those regions felt an active stake in designing the public forums of the 21st century!…

TweetDeck : George Floyd might be alive today if we had a national use-of-force standard to hold cops accountable.

We've all seen too much police violence & too little justice.

I introduced the PEACE Act with Lacy Clay MO1st so that lethal force would only be used as an absolute last resort.

TweetDeck : The states prematurely relaxing COVID-19 restrictions as cases continue to rise arent boosting their economy.

They are putting people in danger and risking an even longer disruption.

To boost our economy, lets invest directly in the ordinary Americans who need our help now.