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Bio On youtube Clydebridge station. Like trains buses, and tv presentation, bascially the bits between the shows. Honorary scouser!
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Twitter Web App : ScotRail Do you know how many votes my local station, Cardenden, got in the world cup of stations? I know it was never going to win, but I wanted to see how well it done!

Twitter Web App : Network Rail Did you ever find Mr and Mrs halfwit, who had their wedding photo taken on the tracks on the Whitby line? Really was utterly stupid what they done. What if an unadvertised train sped along at that moment?

Twitter Web App : Ugo, what is it with you and hilarious wrong answers on a question of sport?! Matt, be honest, did you want to strangle him?!

Twitter Web App : Co-op did u find an answer to my query earlier today? How can my elderly mum, who I live with, get one of these boxes with a box of scottish blend tea, tablet, and other goodies in?

Twitter Web App : EE did u get an answer to my tweet from today? Will u be keeping ur kirkcaldy high street shop open, despite having a shop in argos in the fife central retail park?