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iPhone : Hey #organic farmers, dont feel left out when your neighbours pull into their corn and bean fields with fungicide.
Give your crops a biological boost and populate leaf surfaces with beneficial microbes to crowd out pathogens. Ask us how!

iPhone : Plot observations: healthier, bigger root mass and better #quality heads! #biologyFTW #wheat 🌾…

iPhone : Once again we see the huge increase in nodulation where #ecotea_tm is being used in combination with a rhizobium being product at 50% of the recommended rate. Thank you for sharing a Alex boersch

iPhone : Organic 5 node marrowfat peas near Bursay, SK. Farmers 3rd year growing them and this year he has the best distribution of roots. He added no extra Rhizobium inoculant on his field and he is still getting nodulation and excellent root to soil contact in dry conditions. #ecotea

iPhone : EcoTea™ Residue Management Fall Sale!!

EcoTea™ Crop Residue Application in season discount and Spring 2020 discounts available.

Contact your regional EcoTea™ Sales Manager for more information.

#ecotea #overtonenvironmental #fallsale

iPhone : Made a little Harvest video from a clip i found on facebook!
10 Harvest Truths!

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iPhone : These #falltriticale seeds were planted day before yesterday at approximately 6 p.m. Dug them up this morning at 10:17 am and Im very impressed with what Im finding. No pink seed treatment, only EcoTea™ biological seed dressing with OMEX Canada in-furrow fertility program.

iPhone : Combined until 2 am last night. Going now again. Peaola is running 1.6 mt per acre. Using pea bushels that's 60 bu. Your 'shit' works. 😀

And there you have it folks #ecotea

iPhone : Getting ready to apply EcoTea Stubble Buster biological digester. Catalyst and biological foods are added, let them aerate overnight. Going to apply them in the rain along with some other goodies

iPhone : Want to make peoples heads turn like an owl on a fence post when they drive by? Just jump on your hi-clearance sprayer and start applying EcoTea biological straw digester on your fields in the rain... The look on peoples faces are priceless!

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iPhone : This article on Building the Microbial Bridge is an excellent summary of the #organic approach to soil and crop fertility.…
And products like EcoTea™ and our new Cycle Organic Fertilizer (an anaerobic digestate) are excellent building blocks!

iPhone : Another load of EcoTea™ seed dressing going onto a clients barley and wheat. Absolutely amazed at how the uptake has been with clients. So far all spring only 1 application of pink stuff. Normally 3 or 4 totes done to this point. Do your own side by side trials and see!

iPhone : #CdnSoilWeek19 #healthysoils #healthyfood #regenerativeagriculture #biology #soilhealth #soilgratitude #soilmicroorganisms 🦠☀️🌱…