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iPhone : Trying to think which novelist could best have captured the character of Mitch McConnell. Dickens, perhaps — a cross between Mr Bumble and Uriah Heep.

iPhone : Every beep is 100 deaths.
SOUND ON. Please watch to the end.

Cranks and their misinformation are deadly.

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iPhone : Staggering for those of us outside the US to recall, at this moment of intense division, that there are 393 million guns in private hands in the US. That is over three per household.

iPhone : Robert Harris Had my physio sister on the phone in tears because among all the loss, it's hard to recall those who've gone home. She asked for Covid survivors to send photos of them at home with their families to the hospital to give staff hope. Please cd you RT? #hopefromhome

iPhone : Going through the proofs of my Cicero omnibus, I reach the passage where the followers of the demagogue Clodius burn down the Senate House, and hasten the end of the Republic.

iPhone : William Cohen, Republican, ex-Defense Secretary, has just called for Trump to be removed by the Vice-President and Cabinet: “There’s more than enough evidence that President Trump has failed to protect the country from foreign and domestic enemies”