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Twitter Web App : Cop who shoved protester has history of using force, records show…

iPhone : So this is really happening. I want off this planet.

Can someone with a big account please RT this so we can find these complete wastes of skin??? Upper right photo has the name Adam Wilkinson on it, but I cant find any info on the others..

iPhone : Hey GOP. How many people do you think will NEVER EVER AGAIN VOTE FOR ANY REPUBLICAN FOR ANY OFFICE after yesterday's shitshow?

I'm one.

Signed, a former 30+ year registered Republican.

iPhone : Former Under Secretary of Defense James Miler submits his resignation to SecDef Esper, telling him "Law-abiding protesters just outside the White House were dispersed using tear gas and rubber bullets — not for the sake of safety, but to clear a path for a presidential photo op."

iPhone : Kyle Griffin Well they might want to let Matt Gaetz know before he’s charged as an accessory to some innocent persons murder since he keeps saying Antifa is a terrorist organization. I really don’t mind tweeting his name over and over until something is done about this ignorant fool.

iPhone : The FBI's Washington Field Office "has no intelligence indicating Antifa involvement/presence" in the violence that occurred on May 31 during the DC-area protests over the murder of George Floyd, according to an internal FBI report obtained by The Nation.…

iPhone : This better stick because it was disgusting!!!!!!!!!Egregious violation of his oath’: Former inspector general calls on Congress to impeach Bill Barr for attacking peaceful protesters | Raw Story…

iPhone : If the Senate has time to confirm Donald Trump’s unqualified judicial nominees, it has time to pass legislation that will give true meaning to our Constitution’s promise of equal protection under the law.

No more excuses. No more delays.

iPhone : ‘It requires everybody to pitch in and do their part’ — NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy revealed the important lesson everyone on Earth can learn from the ISS crew right now 🛰

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iPhone : Goodbye, Rep. Steve King. You are certainly not the only white supremacist in federal government, but you were among the most prominent.

It’s a shame Republicans held you up as long as they did.

SEE YA 👋🏽…

iPhone : I am shaken by this. It is as un-American a photograph as I have ever seen. Every Republican who has coddled, enabled, or even just quietly tolerated this man is party to it. Speak out while you still can, unless this is the America you seek.…

iPhone : “If you do not move, you will be dead!”

- Police in a military vehicle in Walnut Creek, California.

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iPhone : Traffic cones were invented by Charles D. Scanlon and patented in 1943.
In all those intervening years, never has their deployment been more apt.

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