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Bio Im a @cher fan.

Not affiliated with Cher or any other celebrity I post about

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Android : .Cher picks her favorite Cher songs. #LSSC…

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Android : 🚨🚨 @Cher teases again about her new album!

She said on @ColbertLateShow last night that she is indeed working on a new album, and although she always wanted to do this kind of an album, she never realized how difficult it would be.

And thats all... the mistery goes on

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Android : The Canongate Kirk blossom is really popping out now 😍🌸


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Android : 🚨NEW VIDEO🚨
In new interview A Late Show
asked @Cher about her new album, and as always we know nothing. She said that she has to record 4 songs to make one song, she didnt know it would be so difficult. We have to keep waiting but she confirmed she was working on it!

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Android : 🐘❤ @Cher serenades My Way to Kaavan in this new sneak peak preview from Cher & The Loneliest Elephant that aired on the @ColbertLateShow

Cher &The Loneliest Elephant premieres on April 22 on @ParamountPlus US and Smithsonian Channel UK, Brazil and Latin America

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