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Android : Last year the liberal commentariat decided to ensure the victory of an incompetent corrupt racist with a fancy line in patter over a problematic mediocrity with a good team and reasonable policies. Thousands have paid the price.
No contrition. No doubt.

Android : I've been thinking about that departure lunch Suzanne Moore didn't have with Kath Viner.

And somehow this came to mind...

Android : Jake Bowman Jewel Wells Ash Sarkar I'm actually less upset about Suzanne than I was about Deborah Orr with whom I quarrelled about all this early last year and who then died.

I do think Suzanne's grief over and loyalty to Deborah is a factor in the way she has gone in the last twelve months.

Android : Jewel Wells Ash Sarkar The moment you talk of 'trans lobby dogma' , you're pretty much outing yourself as a conspiracy theorist.

What dogma? That we exist and have a right to live free and safe in society?

What lobby? Me and a few friends talking to politicians and clinicians for thirty some years?

Android : James OBrien One of the central texts of transphobia talks of morally mandating transsexuality out of existence and accuses trans women of turning our whole body into a penis that rapes womanhood.

Is this what you mean by being allowed to be wrong?

Android : Contrary to the standard narrative, the letter signed by 338 Guardian staff condemning institutional transphobia doesn't mention Suzanne Moore at all. It's not as if she's the only trans-hostile journalist or other staff member.

Just the one who publicised all their names.

Android : I can't help feeling that the departure of Suzanne Moore from the institutionally transphobic Guardian has something of the Captain Oates about it. One of them had to be martyred so that the 'powerful lobby silencing us' narrative could continue.

She drew the short straw.…