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iPhone : Voters have a choice between Democrat policies that support no bail, releasing prisoners en masse, defunding police, charging racism against any opposition, and pandering to BLM.

Or Republican support for fair but tough enforcement of our laws and system of government!

iPhone : .Rudy W. Giuliani turned New York City into the safest large city in the world, and Mayor Bill de Blasio Bill de Blasio has turned it into a crime infested cesspool. Where’s Andrew Cuomo? #MIA

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iPhone : . Rudy W. Giuliani discusses the bloody weekend across the nation, the goal behind tearing down our historical statues, President Trump’s 4th of July speech at Mount Rushmore, and more.

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Twitter for iPad : If you bow a knee to satisfy the America haters, soon they will want a leg.

Kapernick, who defiled our flag and National Anthem, now wants to destroy the Fourth of July.

The plan is to create hatred for everything American

As long as Donald J. Trump is our leader NO WAY!

iPhone : You have to go back 26 years to find ONE Crooked Joe Biden accomplishment and even that he has disavowed amidst his pandering to the Radical Left!

Chief of Staff to Donald J. Trump, Mark Meadows, interview:…

iPhone : This Independence Day we had a President boldly defending American values against the violent Marxist radicals.

Democrats have made it clear they hate what America represents.

OUR PRESIDENT loves America and will protect our American way of Life.

Twitter Web App : Chief Mark Meadows on Joe Bidens track record

Full interview at the White House here:…

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Twitter for iPad : At 10AM the incomparable Maria Ryan joins me for #UncoveringTheTruth.

Today we deal with Defunding and Dismantling the Police.

It’s the only Sunday Morning Talk Show where you the People are active participants.

You also vote, and not by mail.


Twitter for iPad : Is it true that you can’t sing in Church in lands under the dominion of #Comrade Newsom?

But you can spit all over others yelling ‘PIGS IN A BLANKET’ at protests or while looting a business, or beating up a police officer?