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Bio Proud to have been one of the last MEPs for the West Mids. Ex-Southampton FC Chairman and entrepreneur.
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Twitter Web App : Rishi Sunak has a very difficult hand to play but he must reduce the size of the State and make it accountable to the electorate if we are all to flourish long term.

This pandemic socialism can't go on forever!

Twitter Web App : Why are the ultra Remainers so keen to sneer at our fishermen?

Maybe the reason it isn't as successful as we'd like is because it's been decimated by our membership of the EU?

Take your patronising nonsense to Grimsby or Brixham and see how you get on there.

Twitter Web App : Piers Morgan's last day on GMB till September. That man takes some weird pleasure out of keeping people too scared to leave their homes.

Disgraceful 'journalism'. Government entirely right to ignore his screeching. Calling him a hypocrite isn't strong enough!

Twitter Web App : Getting control over our fishing waters is so symbolic to the Brexit cause.

I do think Frost understands that. Anything less than full sovereignty will be seen as a betrayal. Quite frankly, our Government's responsibility is to British fishermen, not to the French or Dutch!

Twitter Web App : Prince Harry has descended from being a real national treasure to pushing this virtue signalling nonsense so quickly.

Preaching to us from his new LA mansion doesn't exactly send 'man of the people' vibes. Such a shame!

Twitter Web App : The BBC is like a stinging nettle, it needs to be pulled out by the roots.

I don't like a lot of what ITV say, but at least they pay their own way.

I really urge you all to follow and engage with Defund The BBC - we're really gaining some momentum on this.

Twitter Web App : Let's not mince our words. Theresa May and Phillip Hammond were total failures as PM and Chancellor.

Why they feel like their contributions are welcome now is beyond me. The damage they did to our country's standing in the world was immense. A period of silence would be welcome!

Twitter Web App : Why is the media so relentlessly negative? Do Piers Morgan and co take some joy out of trying to keep the country so petrified?

People are sick of the hypocrisy. He moans about the restaurants opening, guess where he was this weekend? In a restaurant. Brilliant.

Twitter Web App : The EU is behaving like a bitter, jilted ex-partner.

Threatening us that a clean break will hurt us more than them. Total nonsense. Why are they getting involved in our affairs? None of their business!…

Twitter Web App : Phillip Hammond worried about an outbreak of 'anti-Chinese sentiment' in the Tory party.

Give it a rest Phil. The Communist regime are responsible for this nightmare. Full credit to the Tory MPs who are willing to call it out.

iPhone : Only countries which adopt an unashamedly robust pro-growth set of policies will emerge from this economic setback in good shape. The Treasury and Bank of England need to suspend conventional wisdom and think from first principles

Rishi Sunak…

iPhone : Why should those of us who don’t want to watch BBC content be forced to subsidise those who do?

It’s time to decriminalise non-payment of the TV licence and make it cover BBC content only.


Twitter Web App : If the BBC does such great things, it should stand on its own two feet and see if people would pay a subscription.

Dont pretend to be impartial and then force us by law to pay for the huge wages!

It wouldnt last a month without the licence fee. RT if you want to Defund The BBC!

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iPhone : People are absolutely fed up with overpaid BBC journalists using their platform to preach to the rest of us.

If they’re so confident of their content, they should stop relying on forcing people to pay the licence fee to fund it.

Defund The BBC!

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