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iPhone : I appreciate the leadership& bravery of those who take a stand &speak out during these times when he knew he’d be a target of the #cancelculture crowd but stood w/ his morals &said it anyway. Sad people want to cancel people these days just bcuz of a different opinion. #goyafoods twitter.com/igorvolsky/sta…

iPhone : It’s so weird that you’re so bothered by a black man with a mind of his own, who refuses to support the party that enslaved his ancestors.

I haven’t even made it to campus yet and you’re ALREADY triggered.

Get used to it ❤️ twitter.com/xovjas/status/…

iPhone : Why do we keep fighting for the American energy industry? This email sent to Daniel Turner sums it up perfectly.

It's not about political games. It's about the individuals, families, and communities that power our great nation. bit.ly/3iMjkyq

iPhone : pretty sure this means Joe jumped on the Trump Train!

RT if you agree!

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iPhone : St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner Kimberly Gardner served a warrant to the McCloskey Family for their guns last night.

Constitutional law experts said it was the protestors who were on private property and broke the law.

The McCloskeys defended their land.

Send Kim packing!

iPhone : Thus far, according to the radical left:

- Chick-Fil-A has been canceled
- Wendy’s has been canceled
- In-N-Out has been canceled
- Waffle House has been canceled
- and now Goya has been canceled

Guess that just means more amazing food for us 🤷‍♂️

Twitter Web App : BREAKING: A warrant was just served on the home of the St. Louis couple who stood guard and protected their home.

All of their firearms have been seized.


iPhone : Roger Stone is celebrating his commutation.

He’s got some moves.

Congratulations, Roger!

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iPhone : I graduated college a diehard Democrat - voted for Obama.

But three years teaching in inner-city New York convinced me of two things;

A) There is nothing more important than the family for academic success

B) Leftist policy had been very bad for the family

iPhone : “Bringing this momentum to the polls” funded by American taxpayers — many who are gun-loving, hardworking people.

Brady | United Against Gun Violence - spending taxpayer money to promote your political agenda. Is that legal?

Full story here ➡️ bit.ly/BradyPPP twitter.com/team_enough/st…