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Bio Gordon in the air to center. Back at the wall, this game is tied!
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Twitter Web App : JSS Browns finished below the Texans, Cowboys, and 49ers in total offense. Let's not act like they're a juggernaut. They got outscored in the regular season.

Twitter Web App : Got on this website for 10 minutes and I'm already mad. I have discovered that this place is unhealthy for me right now. Time for a break.

Until then, don't forget that it's a wonderful day to not be Cl*y W*ndler.

Twitter Web App : Hey clay do you remember when you celebrated Alex's life threatening injury? But yeah, go off bro. twitter.com/ClayWendler/st…

Twitter Web App : And yes, Doug Pederson ruined what should have been a really cool moment by literally giving up and the media should absolutely destroy him for it.

Twitter Web App : I'm logging back onto this website to remind you that Alex Smith nearly died from a football injury and then led his team to a division championship. And he's gonna beat the Bucs next week.

Twitter Web App : This could just as easily happen to a Chief in practice, but this is the exact reason why you rest your starters this week. twitter.com/RapSheet/statu…

Twitter Web App : Okay so yeah, *this* is the sort of stuff that makes them look like a bizarro PragerU. Which seems counterproductive. twitter.com/GravelInstitut…

Twitter Web App : Lets check in on my level of concern about the Chiefs winning a bunch of close games going into the postseason.

Twitter Web App : We really should talk about how MJ and LeBron were absolutely robbed blind of MVPs. Both had a stretch of 7-8 years where they 1. were the best player and 2. had the best season. During those respective years, LeBron won half the MVPs and MJ won less than half.

Twitter Web App : The problem with that case is that the best player doesn't always have the best season. MJ and LeBron surely had MVP stolen from them, but there were also seasons where they just weren't the best player during that particular season.

That is the case for Pat this season.

Twitter Web App : I feel like Patrick's best case in 2020 is the LeBron case.

He's the best player on the planet, so he must also be the most valuable.

But MVPs have never been decided like that, so it's Rodgers.

Twitter Web App : This answer has been the same for every Royals fan since 2013, so let's make it quick.

Adalberto Mondesi
Kyle Zimmer

Any word on Zimmer's development Andy McCullough? twitter.com/MLB/status/134…

Twitter Web App : Jacob Brunton⚔️ Therefore, He gained nothing by coming to earth, and instead lost everything for sinners. He emptied himself.

He ascended into Heaven with the exact same amount of glory according to Heb. 13:8. His time as a human was all for His sheep and gained Him nothing but His sheep.

Twitter Web App : Jacob Brunton⚔️ Why would Jesus, who was already glorified and satisfied to the ultimate degree, descend from the right hand of God to save sinners?

He didn't ascend in Lk 24 to more glory. He ascended with the exact same glory as when He incarnated in Lk 2. If not, He isn't truly omnipotent.

Twitter Web App : Jacob Brunton⚔️ According to Hebrews 13:8, we know that Jesus' glory and satisfaction have never changed. He is glorified for His humility according to Phil. 2:9, but He didn't need that glory to satisfy His need for glory. He was already permanently satisfied.

This shows His altruism.