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Twitter for iPad : I’m done with huevember 😩. Getting bored with it so I made this to say fuck it😂. I’m also not feeling to great today so. #artistsontwitter #sketch #gif

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iPhone : #Huevember Day 13. 😩as yall can see this huevember kicking my ass and Im a lil tired with my personal life 😓

iPhone : Really into miles morales right now sooo i made a spidersona for #Huevember Day 12 #spiderman

Twitter for iPad : A lil sketchy sketch of a comic #comic #nature #adventure

iPhone : Miles morales has taken all my time and I LOVEE ITTTTT. Also this gif is funny AF💀

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iPhone : JazzyGuns🍁👾🎮 I'm sorry you had to deal with the crude way people think. I was trying to tell those people in the chat that you cannot make those serious allegations about people. I hope the best for you guys💖.

Twitter for iPad : #Huevember Day 11. Been really busy lately goona slow it down on huevember

iPhone : Stop Everything youre doing and drop a gif of an anime you really like twitter.com/Trungles/statu…

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iPhone : Day 10 #Huevember Our bad lady sedusa 🐍. I had a lot of fun with this so i colored it lol.

iPhone : Living on an island that power shuts off like every month SUCKSSSASSSSSS

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Twitter for iPad : I wanted to just do a whatever sketch for #Huevember 😂 8&9

Twitter for iPad : Have Uuuuh Neon Genesis Evagelion Garfield for #Huevember day 6 😂my last braincell only thought of that meme. Further on ima do fanarts was really busy today so.