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Twitter Web App : Michael Goves car crash (geddit?) defence of Dom Cummings innovative eye-test solution. Comedy gold.

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Twitter Web App : 9/ Again I find it disturbing but not coincidental that there is obviously a campaign with far right elements and some somewhat dubious accounts launching a campaign to smear the media (a favourite Trumpian and now Cummings trope) when they uniting Britons (to some extent)

Twitter Web App : 11/ That's all for now folks. Hope you enjoyed, feel free to share or ask questions. #propaganda #dominiccummings

Twitter Web App : The legal and constitutional illiteracy of Hancock, Gove etc is staggering and cringeworthy to witness…

Twitter Web App : Fairness. Integrity. Transparency. Humility. Solidarity. All principles underpinning good governance.

Twitter Web App : Assuming this is genuine, quite something for Danny Kruger to say that without Dominic Cummings Boris won't get Brexit done, deliver his key domestic policy or reform Whitehall - and will therefore lose the next election…

Twitter Web App : The reality is it’s one rule for the most powerful people in government and another for the rest of us, which is incredibly dangerous.

Twitter Web App : The attempts from the Prime Minister to defend the indefensible actions of his most senior adviser are quickly descending into chaos and seriously undermining trust. It’s now been made incredibly difficult to police vital public health guidance, as this flip-flop over fines shows…

Twitter Web App : We cannot throw away valuable public & political good will any longer. It’s humiliating & degrading to their office to see ministers put out agreed lines in defence of an advisor. This is a time of national emergency and our focus must be unrelenting. We owe it to the nation.

Twitter Web App : Worth a reminder? Ex-chancellors and Churchill's grandson: The 21 Tories sacked for defying Boris Johnson over Brexit | Politics News | Sky News…

Twitter Web App : Note it takes some time for antibodies to rise after infection, so there will be a lag between infection and becoming seropositive

Twitter Web App : At the next general election there will be Labour posters everywhere, showing Cummings and saying: one rule for the powerful and one rule for the rest of us when the biggest sacrifices were needed

And so populism will devour the populists, as was always going to happen

Twitter Web App : That is because Ministers can’t. They make the law - the police and courts enforce it. This is what they should say. The only way Ministers could do anything is by retrospectively changing the law, which would be tantamount to them accepting Cummings has broken it. #catch22…

Twitter Web App : Who gives a toss about breaking the law when it’s what the PM wants. And he wants to keep Cummings. Honestly, the law is for other people.…