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Bio SOFIA is the worlds largest flying observatory. It is a Boeing 747SP aircraft modified to carry a 2.7-meter telescope and a joint project of @NASA and @DLR_De.
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Sprinklr : #Happy4th from NASA Armstrong!

Pictured is the first all-electric aircraft X-57 Maxwell, SOFIAtelescope, & X-59 QueSST(Quiet SuperSonic Technology)!

Learn more about them at

Twitter Web App : Happy #FourthOfJuly!

Apollo 14 astronaut & the first American to travel to space, Alan Shepard, stands with the U.S. flag on the Moon. By 2024 well return astronauts to the lunar surface. Learn about #Artemis, Americas next chapter in space exploration:

Hootsuite Inc. : Spitzers discoveries and scientific advances are spotlighted in an upcoming National Air and Space Museum online talk with Spitzer Project Scientist Mike Werner. Join us online for the discussion at 8pm EDT/5 pm PDT Tues., July 7. #SpitzerLegacy…

Sprinklr : Why is our solar system so different? ☀️
After nearly 30 years of finding planets outside our solar system, we have yet to find one like ours. 🌎 Maybe we’ll find our twin as our searches continue, but for now Earth is the weird one! 😮

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iPhone : For anyone feeling a more introspective #July4th2020, why not gaze at the cosmos with us? Take a minute. Were glad youre here.

Deep breaths. Weve got this.

Sprinklr : Planet KELT-9 b, observed by TESS, experiences “summer” over its star’s poles and “winter” over the star’s equator. It experiences two summers and two winters every year, with each season lasting less than nine hours.…

Twitter Web App : .@Astro_Seal and Bob Behnken completed their missions second battery replacement spacewalk today at 1:14pm ET after six-hours and one minute. More...

iPhone : At least 10 supernova explosions have occurred in NGC 6946 since the early 20th century, earning it the nickname the #Fireworks Galaxy. Located about 22 million light years from Earth, this spectacular spiral galaxy is roughly 40,000 light years across. #4thOfJuly #4thofJuly2020

TweetDeck : .@ESA has awarded contracts worth over €800M to German 🇩🇪space companies involved in the development of 6 new #Copernicus satellites 🛰️. The satellites will address global challenges related to the climate 🌍, agriculture 🚜, and the oceans 🌊.…

Sprinklr : Happy #FourthofJuly!

Red, white, and blue colors are found in this Hubble image of a supernova remnant found in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a dwarf galaxy that lies close to the Milky Way.

For more information about this image, visit

Twitter Web App : Our TESS mission also has a coloring book, covering the basics of how we discover transiting exoplanets and the types of planets we’ve detected outside our solar system so far. 🛰 Check it out, and color your own planets: #ColorWithNASA 🖍

Twitter Web App : Weve completed a thorough systems check of the flight computers and avionics of the #NASASLS core stage! This is the second of eight tests in the Green Run test series. Learn more >>>…

TweetDeck : #4thofJuly checklist:
Hot dogs 🌭✔️
Apple pie🥧✔️
Cosmic fireworks 🎇✔️
All is complete.
Happy #IndependenceDay2020

Twitter Web App : So pleased to hear that NASA has named Headquarters after ‘Hidden Figure’ Mary W. Jackson (1921–2005), who overcame the barriers of segregation and gender bias to become the first African American female engineer at NASA:

Sprinklr : As we look up from the bottom of our In-Space Propulsion vacuum chamber, were grateful for the freedom to explore. #FourthofJuly

Twitter Web App : Dont miss this webinar for educators, students and parents today at 12pm ET! 🌎 Learn about how NASAs hunt for life on other planets helps scientists better understand how life arose on Earth. Registration required:

Twitter Web App : The last two pieces of the Herschel-Planck constellation, as it was termed, were HP04 & HP05. The former seen for 7 days & the latter for 8. Both faded quickly, showed unusual motion & were likely to be just large, rapidly evaporating sheets of ice that detatched from the Ariane.

Twitter Web App : Amateur astronomer Clyde Foster spied a new feature in Jupiter’s clouds…I captured a detailed look at “Clyde’s Spot” when I zoomed by just two days later. #CitizenScience for the win. See more:… JunoCam image processing by Kevin M. Gill

Sprinklr : Data and imagery from NASA Earth are great for learning more about our planet, but they also have plenty of applications beyond science. Read more:

Sprinklr : This weeks #STIFlashbackFriday is looking back to July 4, 2006 when Discovery became the first space shuttle to launch on Independence Day. 🎆🇺🇸 Learn more about space shuttles on #NTRS! >

Sprinklr : #OTD in 1989, the Voyager 2 spacecraft sent this image of Neptune and its largest moon Triton, back to the Earth. Neptune can be seen in blue, and Triton is the white spec found in the lower right corner.

Twitter Web App : For example, our Curiosity Rover rover recently spotted Venus in the Martian skies (along with another planet you might have heard of).

Twitter Media Studio : On #4thOfJuly2020, learn more about the 200-foot-long flag thats painted on our Vehicle Assembly Building.

Mike, a structural painter, walks you through what its like to be hundreds of feet up repainting the NASA logo and soon the flag:…

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Twitter Web App : We learned all about the inner workings of the NASAs Perseverance Mars Rover Mars rover during todays virtual education workshop and Q&A with NASA JPL experts. Recording at:

Explore education resources & more virtual education events at:

Twitter Web App : A full Moon lights up the night this Independence Day.

Called the Buck, Hay, or Thunder⛈️ Moon, this full Moon is also a penumbral lunar eclipse! In the Americas, you might see a slight darkening as 30% of the Moon passes through the outer part of Earths shadow. ☀️🌎🌕

Sprinklr : Our friend - the Moon - is putting on a show tonight! 🌝

Look to the sky at 12:44am ET to see the first full Moon of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and a partial penumbral eclipse, visible from most of North America:

iPhone : A full Moon lights up the night this Independence Day.

Called the Buck, Hay, or Thunder⛈️ Moon, this full Moon is also a penumbral lunar eclipse! In the Americas, you might see a slight darkening as 30% of the Moon passes through the outer part of Earths shadow. ☀️🌎🌕

Twitter Web App : This is the Shadow of a Solar Eclipse Seen from Behind the Moon… via @jpmajor

Twitter Web App : “Clyde’s Spot” on Jupiter

Image data: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS
Image processing by Kevin M. Gill

Sprinklr : Full Moon 🌕 Alert ⚠️

The summers 1st full Moon is happening this weekend--beginning early Sunday morning, July 5, appearing opposite the Sun at 12:44 a.m. ET. It will also be a partial penumbral eclipse & will be visible in most of North America.

Twitter Web App : #HappyBirthday Astronaut Linda Godwin! We hope it’s stellar! An expert in solid-state physics, Linda had completed four separate missions to space (STS-37, STS-59, STS-76, & STS-108) and has published her research in multiple scientific journals. She retired from NASA in 2010.

Twitter Web App : SchwarzschildX The spacecraft performs a maneuver when it fires its thrusters to change or adjust its course. This specific maneuver will navigate the spacecraft towards asteroid Bennu 🛰👍

Falcon Social Media Management : See what the crew of the Intl. Space Station got up to in June in Human Spaceflights monthly round-up of European ISS Research: a new way of working, an addition to the European #Columbus laboratory, a new series of spacewalks – and some spring cleaning 👉…

iPhone : The whole letter is worth a read, especially at this moment.
On judging historical figures: “The chronological plea [that they lived a long time ago] may have some little value…It does not allow of our saying that such a man did not know right from wrong”…

iPhone : How are we exploring exoplanets and the stars? 🤔 Find out during our virtual event on Wed., June 24, at 6pm ET. Well talk about hunting for exoplanets and NASA missions like Hubble, Spitzer, and Kepler have revealed about finding life off Earth. Join:

Twitter Web App : For the past 75 years, NASA Wallops, turned a small aeronautical research site into a cutting-edge center for our nations technological advancements. Their contributions to human spaceflight are immeasurable! Happy Anniversary!…

Twitter Media Studio : Learn all about Jupiter while coloring alongside a real NASA scientist, Steve Levin of NASAs Juno Mission.

Print your Jupiter coloring pages to follow along >

#ColorWithNASA #NASAatHome

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Twitter Web App : Meet Tamsyn Brann, third year returning intern, who attends the University of Pennsylvania.
Shes providing design and communication support NASA Glenn Research.


iPhone : We lost the flight late into the mission. I am incredibly sorry that we failed to deliver our customers satellites today. Rest assured we will find the issue, correct it and be back on the pad soon.

Twitter Web App : (2/2) @WashingtonPost’s “Race in America: The Legacy of Juneteenth” w/ Lonnie G. Bunch III—@Smithsonian secy & Smithsonian NMAAHC founding dir.—streams at 9 am.

Discussions like this are integral to ensuring that as we take the next giant leap, we take it together.…

iPhone : From the Intl. Space Station, NASA Astronauts commemorate the #FourthofJuly. With them is a U.S. flag that flew on the first and last space shuttle missions. Bob Behnken & Col. Doug Hurley will bring it back to Earth aboard the SpaceX Dragon Endeavour:

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Twitter Web App : Nuestro Programa de Desastres está estudiando los efectos del reciente sismo de magnitud 7,4 cerca de Oaxaca, México. Este mapa de desplazamiento de superficie, que usa datos de JAXA(Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), muestra un desplazamiento de casi 0,45 metros cerca del epicentro

Android : Michael J. Listner Suspect the Emergency Rooms will be busy this evening, sadly. The professional fireworks shows have been scrubbed, Fireworks on TV? Umm no. So everyone now has to have the high power stuff to impress the neighbors. 🙄

Twitter Web App : Our NASA New Horizons spacecraft explored Pluto and recently took images of stars from its unique vantage point of over 4 billion miles from Earth.

Join experts on @Reddit today at 1pm ET to ask questions about the mission, imaging and deep space:

Instagram : Isnt this saying THE COOLEST?! Love this one of a kind Keychain request. On the back, the translation in Tolkiens Elvish using English characters. The flattened teaspoon is just the right size for palming with keys……

Twitter Web App : Le 5 juillet 2020 à 2 h 35 TU : la comète C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) se lève au-dessus de la berge du lac des Pises (Cévennes). Le spectacle était somptueux aux jumelles (8 x 40 et 25 x 100) et la comète était parfaitement visible à l’œil nu dès son lever. A suivre avec un film…

Twitter Web App : Love living in an era where we can share these amazing events in our solar system even though we live in different places and might not be in the right place at the right time to personally see it with our own eyes.…

Hootsuite Inc. : HiPOD 4 Jul 20: Rhythmic Stratigraphy

This observation represents a particularly good exposure of rhythmic stratigraphy within a crater in southern Arabia Terra, which was previously imaged by the Mars Orbiter Camera.

#Mars #science

Android : How to fake a UFO sighting using lens reflections...

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Twitter Web App : Love ESA? Love Kerbal Space Program? The ‘Shared Horizons’ free update to the space simulator allows gamers to build Ariane 5 rockets and tackle real ESA missions like BepiColombo, and #Rosetta👉…

Tweetbot for Mac : We go, together! Were building a coalition of nations that will help land the first woman and next man on the Moon.

The #Artemis Accords establish a shared vision for international partners that join in humanity’s return to the lunar surface:

Twitter Web App : Hey there sky watchers! New month, new things to see in the sky! Check out #WhatsUp for July 2020!…

#NASA #Astronomy #NASAJPL #JPL

Twitter Web App : New evidence has been found of watery plumes on #Jupiter’s moon #Europa in a recent study investigating 20-year-old data from NASAs Galileo mission. This is very exciting for our #Juice mission, being prepared for launch in 2022 👉…

Twitter Web App : Synthetische Treibstoffe, Strom & #Wasserstoff, emissionsarme Triebwerke, sicher in den Flugverkehr integrierte unbemannte Luftfahrzeuge – die #Mobilität der Zukunft soll umweltverträglicher werden. Mit vier neuen Instituten treiben wir die Forschung voran…

Sprinklr : Even at a distance, NASA optical communications engineers are hard at work! In May, the team developing an optical system for #Orion completed four subsystem inspections, prepping for the #Artemis II mission to the Moon. Learn more about the project here:

iPhone : Hello! My name is Santa Lucía Pérez . I am an undergraduate student at GeologyUprm . I love space exploration and I want to pursue graduate studies in Planetary Science. Maybe working with Mars geomorphology? Or maybe the Moon? 😉…

Android : How is it that there are supply chain issues in every sector and yet Americans clearly have access to DECADES’ WORTH OF INDUSTRIAL GRADE FIREWORKS.

Hootsuite Inc. : Like Fourth of July fireworks, glowing streamers of red, white and blue—as well as green and pink—float across this Hubble photo. Called Cassiopeia A, these are actually a dead stars shredded remains from a titanic supernova explosion 10,000 years ago:

Twitter Media Studio : #ICYMI This new video lets us fly over the impressive Korolev crater on #Mars thanks to data from our #MarsExpress mission. Located in the northern lowlands of the Red Planet, this crater is permanently filled with water ice #ExploreFarther #SpaceCare


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Twitter Web App : Lights, camera, action! 🎞️ #NASAPsyche Inspired intern & The Citadel student, William Strunk, created this short animated video, “Whimsical Journey.” He says: “This Whimsical Journey is an adventure through space, and [Psyche spacecraft] will be able to see many new things.” ✨

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iPhone : The brightest supernova ever observed propelled tens of times the mass of our sun into the vacuum of space and generated the energy of 400000000000000000000000000000000 fireworks in a *single second*.

In other words, the universe has GOT THIS COVERED. You can stop now.

Twitter Web App : Ravi Kopparapu James Well, if you have the *same* tuition then you can’t pay for *increased* working hours.

But yes, in general tuition goes towards educational costs. Traceability is via shared governance.

iPhone : Over the course of the day I’ve received many messages of support and gratitude from other academics who share my concerns about the danger of bringing students back to campuses this fall. I hope the information in this post continues to be useful.…

iPhone : Im Juli verdreifacht Eurowings das Angebot ab Stuttgart und bietet über 600 Abflüge. Airline & Flughafen sind vorbereitet und startklar, wie Dr. Arina Freitag, Geschäftsführerin am STR und Jens Bischof, Eurowings-CEO heute bestätigten. Mehr Infos: #flySTR

iPhone : Also, this is a reminder that my account supports #BlackLivesMatter, #BlackTransLivesMatter and the LGBTQ+ community, defunding the police, saving lives by wearing a mask, and so much more. Having a huge following will never prevent me from speaking up on these issues.

Android : Louis Abramson Yes! State record is just over 6 feet -- shes close. The Pacers are about a foot long.
Non-venomous and way more afraid of you than given credit for. Eats mice and other annoying rodents that make the middle-of-nowhere life tough.

Android : Ive never seen Mars this up-close or processed with this level of detail, this is absolutely stunning.

All the more impressive when you remember this is another world, which hits me almost every time I look at planets aside from our little blue home.…

Twitter Web App : NASA announced last week that its HQ building will be named after Mary W. Jackson, the first African American female engineer at NASA.

Jackson started her NASA career in a segregated unit and later (posthumously) awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.…

Twitter for iPad : Shannon Stirone 💀 Wait until November if the election goes as hoped and quarantine is still a thing. America’s cities are going to look like the end of Return of the Jedi.

Twitter Web App : Alex Parker Alex, in the years Ive worked with you Ive been impressed with your skills and intelligence in solving any number of problems. But if youre going to take on squirrels now, Im not sure where I would place my bet.

iPhone : Some rare freedom, isolation and solitude on this Independence Day

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