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Twitter Web App : "Two-thirds of the states allow no-excuse mail-in voting. Why not Connecticut?

Four-fifths of the states allow early voting. Why not Connecticut?"

Why not indeed?

Twitter Web App : "This would be only a temporary fix. In non-pandemic times, the state should be working to make it easier for people to participate in democracy and vote. ...

Twitter Web App : "While the governor’s executive order is good for the primary, the state legislature should act to revise the law permanently when it meets in special session this summer. ...…

iPhone : “That’s the bully pulpit I’m going to be standing on this primary. Those changes are what I’ve had to work hard at communicating.”

Twitter Web App : There has been a lot of confusion and misinformation about this, so to clarify, we are mailing Absentee Ballot *Applications* to all eligible (that is to say Active, *not Inactive*) voters. More here: & here: #TrustedSource2020…

iPhone : Dan Smolnik I agree and that’s why I proposed a bill to do that:… (only out of state and federal fines have to be paid before voter registration restoration under current CT law)

Twitter Web App : Wise Woman) 's Twitter Profile">Wise Woman Hale Thanks for the question Wise Woman) 's Twitter Profile">Wise Woman - all eligible, registered voters will be receiving applications for absentee ballots. - staff

Twitter Web App : Denis Gouey Thank you Denis! There is a statewide network issue affecting, among other things, our online voter registration page. The Department of Administrative Services is working to fix it now.

Android : This. Particularly given the federal resources needed for a rapid, safe, and complete recovery from #COVID19.


Twitter Web App : Hale That is correct - postage will be covered for the return of the absentee ballot application, for the ballot to be sent to the voter, and for the voter to return the ballot, so that the re is no cost to the voters or the towns for postage. - staff

Hootsuite Inc. : We must keep our election safe, secure, and accessible. Working with our partners at all levels of government, we can be sure no voter in Connecticut will be forced to choose between their health and their right to vote.

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Twitter Web App : Thank you for joining me tonight Denise Merrill and for your work to give all CT voters safe access to the ballot! Check out our Facebook live!…

Twitter Web App : My appearance with State Rep. Jillian Gilchrest just started! Check out the link to hear what I'm doing to protect #Connecticut voters & poll workers from #COVID19, & ensure no one has to choose between their vote & their health.

Jillian Gilchrest #ctpolitics