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Léo Heller, UN Special Rapporteur

Bio UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights to safe drinking water and sanitation - Views my own, RT≠endorsement
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Twitter Web App : The commitments of the 2030 Agenda are a driver to “leave no one behind” but it will not suffice if countries approach the targets and goals merely as a quantitative exercise, leaving the human rights to water and sanitation to the side
See my statement: bit.ly/2EoYIwv

Twitter Web App : The glass is half-empty and it is also half-full. The anniversary of UNGA Resolution 64/292 marks an opportunity to reflect on the progresses of the last decade, and the challenges that remain to be overcome. See my statement: bit.ly/2EoYIwv

Twitter Web App : #OnThisDay 10 years ago, the United Nations General Assembly approved Resolution 64/292, officially recognizing the human rights to water and sanitation.

I have written a statement to commemorate this historic date: bit.ly/2EoYIwv

#HRWASH2020 pic.twitter.com/B5HRcGh9Yj

Twitter for iPad : Civil society, human rights institutions, ombudspersons and others entities have been working hard to realize the human rights to water and sanitation.

What are other examples of campaigns or mechanisms to help ensure accountability?


Twitter for iPad : El próximo 28 de junio es un día muy especial !!! ⁦right2water⁩ ⁦Léo Heller, UN Special Rapporteur

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Twitter Web App : National human rights commissions & regulators are among the most accessible institutions marginalised groups can rely on for legal justice.

#ClaimYourWaterRights twitter.com/SRWatSan/statu…

Twitter Web App : Not everyone is informed about, or able to access, formal enforceability mechanisms – and many do not trust that the systems will stop that led to the violation of their rights. Enforceability, as a dimension of and accountability, must be robust and accessible to all.

Twitter Web App : Ensuring the justiciability of the human rights to water and sanitation is a key part of enforceability. So is the entire justice system, including quasi-judicial mechanisms.


Twitter Web App : Enforceability cannot be ensured without oversight.
This oversight must be on several layers: through formal regulators, NHRIs, but also through the media and social audits. No violations must be hidden or unreported.

#HRWASH2020 #mywatsanmyrights

Twitter Web App : The third dimension of accountability: enforceability.
To put it simply, without venues through which to ensure that violations are addressed and redressed, there can be no functioning accountability.


Twitter for iPad : Le 28 juillet marquera les 10 ans de la reconnaissance du droit humain à l'eau et à l'assainissement par les Nations Unies.
Pour l'occasion, la Coalition Eau et les ONG partenaires de la campagne #LeauEstUnDroit se mobilisent !

Twitter Web App : Being a UN Special Rapporteur (5) - how to choose countries to visit? youtu.be/8xOy4KbdId0

If human rights monitoring and field visits are of interest to you and you have the profile, APPLY for the next Special Rapporteur position.
Info: ow.ly/YR1n50Afs9h

Twitter for iPad : People have the power to challenge the denial of their human rights to safe water & sanitation by lodging complaints to local authorities, regulators & human rights commissions. #ClaimYourWaterRights

See #LeaveNoYouthBehinds example: endwaterpoverty.org/member-spotlig… twitter.com/SRWatSan/statu…

Twitter for iPad : Weak enforcement can make answerability redundant. Governments must empower national human rights institutions to enforce their recommendations and rulings. twitter.com/SRWatSan/statu…