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Sherry Ahearn. #IAmAntiFascist

Bio Former Punk Rock Goddess & DJ Deity. Mom. Snarky Potty Mouth. President, Richard Quest FanClub. Bipartisanly block bullies. #MusicIsLife #resist #IAmAntiFa #BLM
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Twitter for iPad : When we have representatives like Tom Cotton and Matt Gaetz are we surprised by Police brutality towards peaceful unarmed Americans? Help me replace a Trump-endorsed 9-term GOP Representative. Donate here:… #VoteOutTheGOP

Twitter for iPad : The only black men Matt Gaetz likes are the ones he pays to fuck. The rest he calls illiterate.

He won’t report this tweet because he knows it’s true.

Twitter for iPad : Does Matt Gaetz realize that
Trump has turned him into his little bitch, and will throw him under any bus as soon as the need arises?

Twitter for iPad : I hereby call for the citizen’s arrest of the following traitors:

Donald Trump
Mike Pence
Mitch McConnell
Bill Barr
Mike Pompeo
Lindsey Graham
Rand Paul
Ted Cruz
Ivanka Trump
Jared Kushner
Don Jr.
Sean Hannity
Kellyanne Conway
Stephen Miller
Tom Cotton
Matt Gaetz
Gym Jordan

Twitter for iPad : Kaz Weida There needs to be a way to prosecute the Glynn County police and two prosecutors who declined to press charges against Ahmed Arbery' murderers! #BlackLivesMatter…

Twitter for iPad : Court hearing right now of the murder of #AhmaudAubrey

-The video we all saw was not the full video

-William Bryan, who took the video, was also chasing Ahmaud and his pickup “made contact” with Ahmaud

-Greg McMichael used the gun he had from his time w/ Glen County Police 1/

Twitter for iPad : There is a fake Lincoln Project account (Saying it's the "backup account") tweeting at The Lincoln Project (note the second L in the word 'Lincoln' is an capital "I".

Please report.

They're here: