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Twitter Web App : N-Power) 's Twitter Profile">N-Power 500 000 Beneficiaries
Bashir Ahmad Muhammadu Buhari we are calling the attention of the presidency to address the issued of the N-Power) 's Twitter Profile">N-Power to exist the beneficiaries from the programme, this is not a good time.
Covid19 pandemic and 500 000 youths to lost jobs.

Twitter Web App : Beneficiaries Both A and B batch:
N-Power) 's Twitter Profile">N-Power Muhammadu Buhari Mr president sir this is not a good time to exist 500 000 beneficiaries from the N-Power) 's Twitter Profile">N-Power programs, we as the Npower beneficiaries of 500 000 calling the attention of the presidency to address this issued.

Twitter Web App : Muhammadu Buhari kodus to you Mr President sir
But sir in our side Daware district of Fufore Local Government, Adamawa State kidnappers are kidnapped our people, do something to protect Nigeria's life and properties as contains in constitution.

Twitter Web App : @PoliceNg Muhammadu Buhari yesterday night around @9:05Pm kidnappers has kidnapped 9th persons in my village Daware, Fufore Local Council
Of Adamawa State, where I'm among the victims but they released 7 and go with others 2 persons.
They make their way with house wife of a businessman.

Twitter Web App : Nigeria Police Force Muhammadu Buhari a sad story kidnappers has kidnapped my humble lecturer Professor Sogbensan of the
Fisheries Department, MAUTECH Yola
#LetsPrayforsafereturn of Professor Sogbensan
And we calling the attention of Mr President to address this issues of kidnapping in campus

Twitter Web App : Special Birthday wishes to HE President Muhammadu Buhari on his 77 birthday.
May Almighty Allah continued reins his special protection, good healthy and more years ahead Mr President sir.
To continued his good work to our country.

Twitter Web App : Atiku Abubakar September 24 2019 Allah yayiwa Baba na Rasuwa, Modibbo Daifuru Daware. Ko aika agaise mu. Gaskiya Wajiri mu yayan Modibbo Daifuru Daware baka kyauta mana ba.

Twitter Web App : I want to use this medium to congratulate one of our good friend and brother indeed, khaleed Babangida Sabo on his MSC graduation ceremony.
May Almighty Allah bless the knowledge and the certificate amin.