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Android : and I see you, "Team Marty" people being like "you marvel people are just sore winners in the culture war!" - oh and Martin Scorsese LOST??? Last I checked he still releases a hundred million dollar movie every two years, he's not some kind of unappreciated cultural underdog!

Android : you both like popular shit that makes millions of dollars and gets quoted relentlessly at office parties! chill out!

Android : it is so funny for people be like "THERE ARE TWO SIDES TO FILM. MARVEL AND SCORSESE." Martin Scorsese? The ridiculously accessible smash hit film director?

SCORSESE is your example of an esoteric artsy filmmaker? Goodfellas used to be a *punchline* about how crude film could be!

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Twitter Web App : Noah Berlatsky An Antifa Cortado I think he's running - there were negative ads against him in WV re: his opposition to the minwage change in January which changed his tune overnight (though he's since returned to opposing it). but the brief softening in rhetoric as a response to local ads tells me he's running.

Twitter Web App : Noah Berlatsky public, biden, gilbert gottfried, whoever. yelling at joe manchin should be the national sport.

as you said upthread, yelling at joe manchin doesn't really *do* anything - change a vote, change a party, etc. it's a mitzvah nonetheless!

Twitter Web App : Noah Berlatsky I think everyone should yell at Manchin not from a utilitarian place but from a deontological place of "it is good to yell at someone who so deeply deserves a yelling"

Android : Noah Berlatsky yeah it's like these stories are not about saving our planet but defending OUR right to exploit it. they advance the notion of resource scarcity *against the other,* not the notion of resource conservation. "there's not enough for THEM."