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Twitter for iPad : Once AGAIN, AG Barr misrepresented the findings of *his own investigators* and worse -- created the pretext on which Trump justified his use of the military against Americans.


*defund DOJ until you have answers
*find out why DEA, not FBI, is lead agency
*impeach Barr…

Twitter for iPad : please be in your homes by noon or the dumbest guys from your high school will run you over with cars you paid for

Twitter for iPad : While meticulous about securing permissions, Christo plowed Fence into the ocean without approval (going behind his lawyers back) when it finally looked like it wouldnt happen—if there is no illegal part, the project is less reflective of the system, he said. (via Kee)

Twitter for iPad : Andrew Russeth That wrapped storefronts picture on the right is incredible. Is that widely circulated? As known and familiar as those individual works are, I’m certain I’ve never seen that before.

Twitter for iPad : #GagosianQuarterly: #TitusKaphar and #TochiOnyebuchi present an excerpt from their short story “Seeing the Child,” a poetic rumination on Kaphar’s latest body of work, "From a Tropical Space" (2019–).

Twitter for iPad : #GagosianSpotlight: “I’m working the paint, but it grows in its own way, and that’s a part of nature.”

Twitter for iPad : Maybe we shouldn't take insecure macho wannabes with daddy issues & train them like paramilitaries occupying hostile enemy territory & arm them with weapons of war & shield them from any accountability.…

iPhone : #GagosianSpotlight: “‘Capri’ allowed, or forced, me to go to an interesting area between abstraction and what I think of as nonrepresentation.”

Twitter for iPad : I love this painting. Good foreshadow of the big fella we will have in the June Basel OVR...…

Twitter for iPad : #GagosianSpotlight: Gagosian is pleased to present “Untitled (Capri 52.56)” (2019) by #MarkGrotjahn for $800,000, now available for forty-eight hours only:

Twitter for iPad : #GagosianSpotlight: “Instead of coming up with a different motif each time, I’d rather just have one motif and within that motif get experimental. But there are always exceptions to my rules.”

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Twitter for iPad : #GagosianSpotlight: For “Gagosian Quarterly," Michael Auping writes about the origins of #MarkGrotjahn’s “Capri” paintings and their relationship with nature and landscape.

Twitter for iPad : #GagosianSpotlight: This week, #MarkGrotjahn features in our Artist Spotlight series. In his work, Grotjahn interweaves and revitalizes various historical modes of abstraction, probing the limits between gesture and geometry, impulse and exactitude:

Twitter for iPad : I, for one, am looking forward to having my temperature taken by 15 or 20 different art dealers during a stroll through Chelsea