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Bio 2 + 2 does not, and never will equal 5.
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Twitter Web App : Working from home for nearly a year, I may be tempted to watch ITV if #PiersMorgan is swapped for #JeremyClarkson and #Lorraine for #Jeremykyle. p.s get rid of #LooseWomen - total shit!

Twitter Web App : David Jones lies tend to catch up on them. look at the state of Tony Blair, Theresa May, Boris Johnson...........Jeremy has just followed the trait

Twitter Web App : Martina Markota Going off on a tangent, I cried like a baby at the cinema when Iron Man was killed off in The Avengers: Endgame; still have a secret crush on Loki

Twitter Web App : Oh I’m assimilating.

I’ll be celebrating AUSTRALIA day. With all the Australians of all backgrounds who actually love this country instead of despise it.

I have no intention of “assimilating” to some radical leftist who pretends she represents more people than she does.…

Android : John Cleese You can bore yourself and watch the Matrix.

Take the red pill and see what is really happening.

Take the blue pill and carry on in a comatose state of ignorance .

For a change the redpill does not represent Labour, Communism which is normally red.

Android : What is it with #moderndance where they throw themselves down on the floor, or collapse in a heap? Why can't they spin round on their backs like #streetdance or even wave their legs and arms in the air irratically like #dieingfly now that's far more entertaining!

Android : West Midlands Police WMids police. Putting a post boasting that you have arrested a child. If you are looking for the footballer to get a statement, I guess he did not put a complaint in. West Midland Serious Crime Squad - At it's best!

Android : Jack Buckby My mums birthday is 4th July, I usually pull her leg pointing out all the Americans celebrating her birthday. This year was her 80th birthday anniversary, so all those in the pubs must have raised a glass to her too 😊