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iPhone : He’s the only one who calls it “the China virus”. Could someone please give him a participation certificate so he might stop throwing Asian Americans under the bus while he congratulates himself? Not helpful.…

iPhone : medical professional dealing with an unruly patient trying to remove his mask
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iPhone : So he is being clear about his belief that news outlets should exist to support GOP candidates. Got it.…

iPhone : A friend of mine told me he had seen green water cover the bridge windows of an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer. This is what he saw that day.…

iPhone : k.d. lang I am short, gray haired, and have a slight limp. Sometimes when I go out with my mask on, people intentionally go out their way to get in my space. #WeaponizedProximity

iPhone : Donald J. Trump Yes. Yes. Take a day off from camera time. America is exhausted and could use the break. Sweet dreams—Jesus still loves you, but not, like—in a “fan” way...not interested in your comfort or your “ratings”, but the condition of your soul.

iPhone : So says Captain Spaceballs Hyperbole, Master of Projection who often opens self-congratulatory statements with the words, “Many people are saying...(blah blah great job blah)”…

iPhone : Donald J. Trump 😃👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🏆Winning AGAIN—at audacious hypocrisy and hate! Congrats, Sir! Hats off! So astonishing people still think you fear the Almighty; your biggest slight-of-hand to date.

iPhone : I used up my annual allotment of cuss words today, so I have to borrow from 2021’s. I hope the Words Mob doesn’t come after me; make me swim with the f&ckin’ fishes...

iPhone : Donald J. Trump Umm, yeeeah...uh...Merry Christmas! Maybe put down the phone and find rest in the name of Jesus, the Lord of justice who protects the innocent, rather than calling Nancy by bulling names.#ironsharpensiron #BeBest #BeBestHypocrite ?

iPhone : Thinking that the concept of “do no harm” is such a low bar; thankfully grace landed here; I possess no omniscient capacity to assess such scale’s balance. Merry Christmas.