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iPhone : If you would like to check out the mini-doc on her career it is on Netflix. Betty White: The first lady of television.

They cover this topic in her doc.

iPhone : Betty White was the first person to host a talk show on television and hire a Black man to be with her on air. The network asked her to fire him when her show had the chance to go national because the south wouldn't want to see a Black man on tv with her; she refused.…

iPhone : Everyone keeps thinking my belief that Jessica Fletcher killed all those people is a moral judgment. Did I say that those people did/didn't deserve to die? No. Do I think, Amos Tupper and the NYC cop knew? Yes. Did Jessica threaten them? Absolutely. Is that bad? No.

iPhone : I really like how some Australians make their “O” sounds, like who taught them that? I don’t mean when they are cumming, you guys, this is Vowels Twitter, we are elegant here.

iPhone : Sara Benincasa I distinctly remember Nichelle Nichols talking about issues with makeup and lighting when she started on Star Trek and you can see the difference between early episodes and when they finally started listening even if you’re basically clueless about makeup and lighting

Twitter Web App : Who will be the investigative entertainment reporter to uncover why the Brandy/Whitney Cinderella isn’t on Disney+?

Twitter Web App : People have asked about an organization to make a donation in his name. Here is a link to donate to Black Lives Matter:…

Twitter Web App : To me it sounded like something a middle schooler would've written to get published in The Federalist. But art is subjective!…

Twitter Web App : Good news: The FaceApp recognizes this tomato as a face!
Bad News: I think I just saw something I wasn’t supposed to see

Twitter Web App : The wild party at my house is that there's a fly inside and my cat can't reach it and I want you to know it is vastly more insane than anything you're doing with your fireworks and drugs you peasants