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iPhone : 8. My main concern here is that students might be dropped into the wrong grades if the ranking uncertainty is not taken into account properly.

iPhone : 5. For example, since ties were not permitted, 2 students that a Centre thought were indistinguishable had to be given a different ranking by teachers. After application of Ofqual’s process one of these students might be given a C and the other a D.

iPhone : 4. Overall, Ofqual's system relies heavily on accurate centre-provided ranking, but does not take ranking uncertainty into account. This means that there might be cases where students have been inadvertently given the wrong grade. #ExamResults #examresults2020

iPhone : Sam Freedman Would not a good policy idea be to offer something to students who had their grades downgraded who choose to sit their exams in the coming year and delay university by a year - some sort of education/experience grant

iPhone : Sam Freedman There was no good option, but I think the least bad option would have been to accept CAGs but set some upper limit of additiknal value added from the school average of previous years, publish this limit to schools in advance. Agree about the issues appeals

iPhone : 1) I'm going to try and do a fair and balanced summary thread on what's gone on today with A-levels. It is more complicated than the headlines (as ever) so please bear with me.

iPhone : Sam Freedman Seems to me that the very top performers at most schools had their CAGS unchanged... some at my daughters school got 4A*’s for example, but that those in the “second tier” had A’s downgraded to B’s and B’s to C’s etc. 🤷‍♂️

iPhone : Sam Freedman High performing south London comp 2000+ kids. Outstanding Ofsted, world leading school etc. Still some very high grades knocking about but for e.g my daughter went from CAG of ABB to BBC. Her friends from AAB to BBB etc. The top grades are masking something very wrong.

iPhone : If you want to hear even more of my thoughts on the topic I did the BBC Newscast pod with the ever brilliant Laura McInerney. You can't see it but I was nodding at everything she said.…

iPhone : Sarah Ludford 🔶pro-European Same here, my parents left school at 16, dad got onto emergency teacher trying after he was demobbed, and Mam managed to get to college at 18, I was first to go to proper university not teaching diploma in my family that was 1977, grant no fees and great fun