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Twitter Web App : Up to 2.5 million more girls around the world are at risk of marriage in the next 5 years because of the #COVID19 pandemic. World Report spoke to Gabrielle Szabo (Gabrielle Sz), senior gender policy adviser & author of new report from Save the Children UK

TweetDeck : PRESS RELEASE: Maria gave birth days after arriving in #Armenia.
"My childhood was during a war" she said. "My eldest has already witnessed 2 wars. Now my baby has been born during a war." Hostilities in #Nagorno_Karabakh must end now #StopTheWarOnChildren

Twitter Web App : Important SavetheChildren News study: 60% of those polled in UK said they have fallen into debt since August, with 4 in 10 lower income families saying they are worse off because of #COVID19 #CovidUK pandemic…

Hootsuite Inc. : PRESS RELEASE: More than a third of the poorest families have been left even worse off by the pandemic, with 38% reporting they have relied on charity to feed and clothe their children.

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Twitter Web App : "We live in polarised times, but we must not lose sight of our shared values – and surely there is no better expression of those values than taking a stand for children who need us." Kevin Watkins

Final blog in the #FutureOfAid series. 👇

Twitter Web App : “Education has been as much of a casualty of the pandemic as anything else” - Alice Albright

Great to hear all our panelists agree that the UK should put getting children back into school at the heart of its leadership of #G7 and COP26 in 2021 #CPC20

Hootsuite Inc. : Parent & Campaigner Vikki Waterman - ‘I think the key going forward is us all working together. I want the Govt to understand the experience of single parents & how to make policy that supports, protects and enables us. The £20 uplift needs to be made permanent’ #KeepTheLifeline 2/2

Android : In places like #Syria, #Yemen and #Afghanistan the use of explosive weapons disproportionately kills and maims children and destroys the hospitals they rely on to survive. It's time to #StopTheWarOnChildren…

Hootsuite Inc. : NEW REPORT : COVID-19 places half a million more #girls at risk of child marriage in 2020. The UK Government must stand up for girls’ rights to a quality education during and after the pandemic. Read more here:

Hootsuite Inc. : We've joined Joseph Rowntree Fdn. and 48 other charities to urge Rishi Sunak to keep the £20 pandemic uplift to #UniversalCredit and help struggling families to stay afloat.

The Govt must #keepthelifeline and protect families from being dragged into hardship.

TweetDeck : STATEMENT: We condemn the roadside blast in #Daikundi #Afghanistan that reportedly killed 5 children and 7 women travelling in a bus. Time and again explosive weapons used in densely populated areas or on roadsides kill everyone in their path. Its time to #StopTheWarOnChildren

TweetDeck : READ: One Syrian mother said she saved up for weeks to buy a single apple that she split 5 ways with family. #Syria is facing a hunger crisis. 4.6m children lack access to adequate food. A whole generation is facing the risk of malnutrition The Independent