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Hootsuite Inc. : The Scottish Youth Parliament have announced the results of their Committee Motions. Read the thread below to find out more about what are now SYP policies 👇…

Hootsuite Inc. : 📣 The Finnish #education system is often described as world-leading.

So, what could #Scotland learn from #Finland? We hear from Olli-Pekka Heinonen, the Director General at Opetushallitus.

Download in your #podcast app or stream this Scotlands Futures Forum talk at

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Hootsuite Inc. : One for those interested in #comms: read how Scottish Parliament and other parliaments from across the #Commonwealth have communicated to Members, staff and the public during #COVID19. 👇…

Twitter Media Studio : How has #COVID19 and Scottish Governments response affected #Scotlands rural #economy and #connectivity?

How has it affected your use of #publictransport? Whats worked well, and what could have been done better?

📝 Share your views with REC Committee at 👇

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Twitter Web App : *Private Bills have a slightly different route, going through Preliminary, Consideration and Final stages - learn more about these here:…

Twitter Web App : Find out more about Bills progressing through the Scottish Parliament here:

Twitter Web App : What happens if the person who proposed the Bill changes their mind?

A Bill can be withdrawn by the person who proposed it. However, if it has already completed Stage 1, MSPs must agree to the withdrawal.

Twitter Web App : What is a 'Fallen Bill'?

If MSPs do not agree with what the Bill is trying to do, then they can vote against it at the end of Stage 1 or at Stage 3. The Bill is then described as 'fallen'.

Twitter Web App : If the Bill passes the vote at Stage 3 and is not successfully challenged, the Queen formally agrees it. This is known as Royal Assent. 📜

After that, it becomes law - like the Child Poverty (Scotland) Bill, pictured here ⤵

Twitter Web App : At Stage 3, MSPs can propose further changes to the Bill. 🗣

The wider Parliament then votes on each of these and then votes on whether the Bill should become law.

Twitter Web App : At Stage 2, MSPs can propose changes to the Bill – these are called ‘amendments’. ✍🏼

The changes are considered by the lead committee and then voted on.

Twitter Web App : Most Bills* then enter Stage 1, where the committee leading on the Bill examines it and publishes a report. Other committees may look at the parts of the Bill if theyre relevant to the subjects they deal with. 🔎

MSPs vote on whether the Bill should carry on to Stage 2.

Twitter Web App : The first action that is required for a Bill to become law is its introduction - the Scottish Government, an MSP or a Committee send the Bill and any related documents to the Parliament.

Twitter Web App : The different types of Bills are:
▪ Government Bills (previously known as Executive Bills)
▪ Members' Bills
▪ Committee Bills
▪ Private Bills
▪ Hybrid Bills

Twitter Web App : Bills are proposed laws that are being examined by the Scottish Parliament. Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) discuss them to decide if they should become law.

The public also usually gets the chance to share its views. 👥

Hootsuite Inc. : This years participants in the Young Women Lead programme have been working on an inquiry into how young women in Scotland from ethnic minorities transition from education into employment.

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Hootsuite Inc. : The Coronavirus No2 Act enabled Scottish Ministers to apply to the courts for an emergency intervention order in a care home.

The COVID-19 Committee are now seeking views on an SSI which relates to some aspects of how that order will work.

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Hootsuite Inc. : The deadline to respond to the COVID-19 Committee's consultation on an SSI which will create a social care staff support fund is 22 July 2020.

Find out more and share your views ⬇

TweetDeck : 'How much space is dedicated to private vehicles in comparison to other modes of transport in Scottish cities?'

A Scotlands Futures Forum project has analysed three areas in Dundee and Glasgow to get an indication. Read the thread below to find out more ⤵…