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Bio Despite its beauty and drama, Scotland has become a nature-depleted nation. It’s time to rewrite nature’s story. #Rewilding #ThinkLikeAMountain
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iPhone : Could we live alongside lynx? A tantalising prospect for some but for others, represents an unwelcome imposition.

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...and then join us for a live webinar next week to explore that very topic:

Twitter Web App : In 2021 were headed to Romania, exploring one of Europes last remaining wilderness areas.
Well watch bears from forest hides, immerse ourselves in pristine forests & meet locals to hear 1st-hand how traditional communities live alongside top predators.…

Twitter Web App : Join David Hetherington, author of The Lynx & Us on 15 July for an unmissable webinar.
David offers a fascinating insight into how lynx & people interact elsewhere, his commentary complemented by Laurent Geslin’s spectacular collection of wild lynx images.…

Twitter Web App : A report by Scottish Natural Heritage found over 105,500ha of suitable habitat; so lets help these flood mitigating, drought reducing, biodiversity enhancing, water filtering ecosystem engineers get to work in a time of climate & biodiversity emergencies, whilst helping avoid conflict areas.

iPhone : Id like to say how honoured and grateful I am to have been awarded Young Scotswoman of the Year after a public vote. Thank you to the Glasgow Times for giving me a platform, and thank you most of all to all of you who voted for me. 💚

Twitter Web App : With so many #ecotourism warriors threatened by the impact of the pandemic, our travel choices will be more important than ever. Holly Tuppen looks at how we can ensure travel is a force for good.… via SCOTLAND: The Big Picture
#init4thelongrun #traveltomorrow

Twitter Web App : 10) All that wetland habitat creation provides a home for amphibians, fish and invertebrates. This, in turn, brings in predators like herons and otters. Otters are known to benefit from beaver ponds, but they also take shelter and breed in disused burrows.

Twitter Web App : 9) Many of our native trees have evolved alongside beavers, so when theyre felled, theyre often not dead, but coppiced. Alder, willow, rowan, hazel & oak all regenerate. This diversifies the habitat and lets light in.

Twitter Web App : 8) Beavers arent just good at mitigating floods, theyre also saviours in times of drought. All that water retention means theres a constant downstream flow through a series of leaky dams. Beaver wetland can be an oasis amongst the desert.

Twitter Web App : 7) Water-logged trees sometimes die, but these are an equally important resource to a healthy ecosystem. Fungi, lichens, invertebrates, mosses, birds and mammals all benefit. Rotting trees provide nesting cavities for tawny owls, goldeneyes, swifts & bats.

Twitter Web App : 6) Many of Scotlands landscapes have been historically drained, and coupled with a changing climate, wildfires are becoming an increasingly serious risk. Beavers help to rewet the land beyond the watercourse and act as natural fire breaks.

Twitter Web App : 5) Beavers & migratory fish have evolved side-by-side for millennia. Salmonids leap these structures during peak flow events, just as they navigate beyond waterfalls. Felled trees & woody debris in the watercourse provides the perfect cover for young fish to avoid predation.

Twitter Web App : 4) Beaver dams may look messy, but theyre highly effective. Not only do they hold back water, but they trap suspended sediments and filter out nitrogen and phosphorus. These pollutants can cause issues with algae growth and oxygen depletion downstream.

Twitter Web App : 3) Beavers create canals to travel between foraging sites safely. These corridors of wetland habitat provide the perfect landscape for water voles to thrive in, a species which has the unenviable title of the UKs fastest declining mammal.

Twitter Web App : 2) Beaver activity reduces the risk of downstream flooding by slowing the flow during storm events and by storing vast quantities of water in a series of pools. Man-made flood defences cost millions of pounds of public money. Heres a natural solution that works for free!

Twitter Web App : 1) Beavers are ecosystem engineers. They build dams and raise the water level to move around safely whilst foraging. These newly formed wetlands create the perfect habitat for a diverse array of species. From wildfowl to woodpeckers & dragonflies to diving beetles.

Twitter Web App : THREAD
Yesterday we launched our latest #Rewilding Story, Making Beavers Mainstream:…

Today, were looking at the benefits of beavers and why its vital we look at translocation, rather than culling, to reap the rewards of this keystone species.

Twitter Web App : Tony Richards Chris Packham Roseanna Cunningham 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺🕷🖖 Beaver Trust Scottish Wild Beaver Group Scottish Natural Heritage Rewilding Britain Rewilding Europe George Monbiot Ben Goldsmith Scottish Wildlife Trust Licenses were given out for causing conflict in areas of prime agricultural land. We believe that translocation to more suitable locations should be the go-to response, rather than culling.