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Twitter Web App : How did you get started writing erotic fiction? What did you wish you knew when you started out? — I started writing smut after ERPing a bunch on f-list and realizing I was usually having more fun writing my own responses than rea……

Twitter Web App : I wish I could be there for everyone right now, but I dont have it in me. Im so tired. Every day I look at Twitter and I feel like more weight is added to my heart. Im weak and Im tired and I want to rest and figure out whats wrong and how I can make myself better. Love ya.

Twitter Web App : Do you guys think my art is worth money? Like hypothetically do you think people would commission me to draw? Asking due to others, nothing will come from this.

Twitter Web App : Painting digitally, you know you can use low opacity brush to express see-through material. But here I am, stupidly and persistently trying to paint it the traditional way. At least lasso tools help

Twitter Web App : Inawon I hope you dont mind me still admiring your art from far away. Youre still pretty chill dude to me fam.

Twitter Web App : Peach Saliva I think a lot of it is just perspective- theyre not seeing what youre seeing or doing, so they assume youre doing nothing. Theyre forming opinions with one set of eyes- you can have matches where 4 survivors contributed, all all 4 walk away thinking the other 3 were useless.

Twitter Web App : i want my ps4 controller to also double function as an audio device when i plug it in to my computer, muting my games in the process said no one ever

Twitter Web App : First #artfight2020 revenge! Character by (whom I respect very much for being able to draw incredible pompadours!)

Twitter Web App : The best boys youll ever meet…

Android : I actually really enjoyed ARMs and mained Min Min. This DLC is all for MEEEEEE.…

Twitter Web App : Flag design for a campaign. Evil country run by a lich. Graphic design has never really been my strong suit so Im kinda proud

Twitter Web App : Oh yeah, here are the ones Ive made previously!
Please bear in mind that these are old and look somewhat dated.…

Android : Hm? Are you even paying attention to what Im saying? I just dont understand what you keep getting so distracted by...!
How long can you keep your concentration with Koya as your tutor...?

Twitter Web App : なんで俺含めて自衛官が破傷風のワクチン接種をしているか、これもあるからなんだよ!


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iPhone : Lewdtime🔞 God daymn, if this was the equivalent of the space race the Russians would have sent Sputnik into space, landed it on the moon and planted the Russian flag all in one go and on their first try. ❤️❤️❤️

Twitter Web App : AT THE VERY LEAST we dont have any symptoms and never did since this all started. Even after all the times Ive been to the store. But who knows.