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Android : Breaking News: Pfizer completed its coronavirus vaccine trial. It says the shots are 95 percent effective, have no serious side effects and work for older people.

Android : Denny Hamlin I think I know what my father meant when he sang about the "Lost Highway"
And Johnny Cash don't act like he did back in
And Kris he is a movie star and he's moved off to L.A.
And nobody wants to get drunk and get loud
And all my rowdy friends have settled down...

Android : Unless it's your $16 million, that's probably not something with which you should be overly concerned...…

Android : Throwback to last NBA offseason and the tweet that got my old account banned. Still no clue how other people get away with doing this, but I couldnt survive 5 minutes.

Android : Great day for patients. We may have two highly effective vaccines for Covid if results from the interim Pfizer and Moderna trials are confirmed by the full data sets. The acute phase of the U.S. pandemic will end in 2021. We must work together to get through the next 3 months…

Android : We could effectively end this pandemic in 2021. Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb says the combination of two effective vaccines and the fact that much of the population has already gotten COVID-19 could spell the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Android : We anticipate being able to ship up to 20M of those 100M before the end of the year. Moderna CEO stephane bancel discusses COVID-19 vaccine distribution for the US after preliminary trial data showed its vaccine was more than 94% effective.

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Android : Hagler vs. Hearns, Round 1. If you’ve seen it, you’re welcome. If you haven’t, the next three minutes may change your goddamn life.

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Android : Hot seat:jesus

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