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Android : Bolivia, presidential election:

Ciesmori unofficial quick count, 95% counted:

Arce (MAS, left): 52.4%
Mesa (CC, centre-right): 31.5%
Camacho (Creemos, right): 14.1%
Chi (FpV, conservative): 1.6%
Mamani (PAN-BOL, centre): 0.4%

#Bolivia #EleccionesBolivia #EleccionesBolivia2020

Android : Many Scots, while owning Scotlands role in slavery, still take the stance that normal or working class Scots got no advantages from the fortunes made with enslaved labour, or any benefits were long in the past. (1/n)

#OldWeirdScotland thread:

Android : Unionists have such a warped perception of what the UK actually is. It isnt a confederation where countries can leave or join of their own free will. If Scotland voted for independence, the UK as we know it would cease to exist. There would be nothing to rejoin.

Android : It's quite alarming that the Republican Governor of Texas would order the number of voter drop-off locations to be reduced to just one in all counties, including Harris County, the most populous one, which happens to have voted Democrat since 2008.

Android : Texas is only a 'red state' because the GOP uses voter suppression to keep the turnout as low as possible. This move is a brazen attempt to deter African Americans, Hispanics, disabled people, and other minorities from casting their votes.…

Android : It's pretty much fact that folk are more likely to pick up a bag of 'Scottish potatoes grown in Angus' than a bag of '🇬🇧British Potatoes🇬🇧' because people prefer local produce. The more they know about the place of origin of the things they're buying, the better.

Android : People need to realise that promoting Scotland's brand has got nothing to do with the constitutional debate. It's got everything to do with market research showing that local provenance and the Scottish brand are more popular with consumers, which leads to greater sales.