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iPhone : Jane Sanderson Wonderful, being born in South Australia, I must say you captured SA quite well. Even lovely old quorn - not even a spot on the map! We don’t always get a lot of people lining up to see SA, so I hope your writing may convince some. Thanks again!

iPhone : Jane Sanderson hiya, just finished reading Mixtape. You’ve written a beautiful story with enthralling characters and great tunes! AND set in my two favourite cities Adelaide and Edinburgh! May I ask why you chose the three vastly different cities as your setting?

iPhone : She said “fever” and trump was OUT of there lmaoo

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iPhone : If Brooke leaves, there’s literally no point in watching. Dave wins hands down every day. Sharn and Mo’s resume: literally zero #SurvivorAU

iPhone : Yolanda Ramke Ben Howling just finally got around to watching Cargo Mark 2! Bravo guys, what a wonderful development of your original concept. It was just the right combination of the walking dead and Wolf Creek. Blew me away! ❤️

iPhone : Poorly Read Podcast Hi guys! First time caller, sure this has already been answered But just in case Deus Ex Machina, direct translation is ‘God The Machine’. In literature, it’s an implausible or divine plot point or character introduced for the sole purpose of resolving the story

iPhone : JB Georgiades named on field 2 weeks in a row, with the amount of game time Rozee, Durs and Butters were given last year, seems a comfortable pick for F7 or 8

iPhone : JB Pistol Dan Houston played near enough 4 quarters of the port Intra club match in the midfield. A ‘lock for the midfield’ according to Kenny Hinkley

iPhone : BBC 5 Live Sport best out and out striker in Europe - talking consistency over the last couple of seasons it’s between Lewandowski and Kane. If you want to include purely attacking players you have to include Salah and Mané in that conversation as well