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Twitter Web App : ALETTA OCEAN Honestly I would have loved to see your natural evolution but you are your best judge and you look like a goddess even now.... But there will always be that feeling how aletta would have looked all natural in 2020...especially your face... You have a beautiful face.

Twitter Web App : danger 🔥❤️ Happy 25th abyyy.... It seems like you have been in the porn industry forever and yet you are only 25...great journey.... Remembering August on your b'day... Beautiful soul left us way too soon.. Best wishes for the upcoming year.

Twitter Web App : Karma Rx Well you don't have to... Democracy requires majority to be tolerant to minority because you switch places... Government can't claim the absolute authority as the state does... Your tacit consent is implied... Besides any govt is bound by the law which is social in origin.

Twitter Web App : Karma Rx Aint Marxism one of the path towards anarchy.... Sadly you are as much a part of liberal world... It has the hegemony to manufacture consent.

Twitter Web App : @peoplecallmebb If you haven't had the experience doesn't mean that porn is free from the abuses common to all trades... To gain respect for your trade looking down on others is inappropriate.

Twitter Web App : @peoplecallmebb Well people would have to start Unsubscribing porn related content coz your field is extremely grey.

Twitter Web App : Brandi Love ® Donald J. Trump Wtf you are indeed ideologically loaded coz communism ain't a sin... It led to the concept called welfare state even in oppressive capitalist world... But I'll enjoy watching your work coz your good at it.