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Bio U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is the longest-serving independent in congressional history.
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Twitter Web App : A one-time $1,200 check isn't nearly enough to make ends meet. Congress has a responsibility to make sure every working-class American receives a $2,000 emergency payment a month so they can pay their bills.

The American people want action from Congress and they want it NOW.

Twitter Web App : During this public health crisis, the Senate must also pass legislation to empower Medicare to pay all of the medical bills of the uninsured and the under-insured—including prescription drugs—for the duration of the pandemic.

Twitter Web App : The American people cannot afford to wait another month. Here is what we must do:

In order to avoid another Great Depression, the Senate must pass legislation requiring the government to guarantee 100 percent of the paychecks and benefits of American workers up to $90,000/year.

Twitter Web App : Our most vulnerable communities are hungry, desperate and under enormous emotional stress. It is incomprehensible for Senator Mitch McConnell to tell us that he sees no urgency in passing another emergency relief bill and that he wants to wait another month before taking action.

Twitter Web App : What gives me hope right now are the new generations of young people who dream big and do not want to settle for the status quo.

Twitter Media Studio : In the midst of a pandemic, health workers cant find basic equipment. We are forced to import:

90% of our surgical masks
70% of respirators
90% pharmaceutical ingredients

Corporate trade destroyed our manufacturing base. We must start producing our medical supplies at home.

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Twitter Web App : A great nation is not judged by its number of billionaires or corporate tax breaks. It's judged by how we treat our most vulnerable people.

Twitter Web App : No matter how badly Trump wants to use the coronavirus pandemic to give handouts to the coal, oil and gas industries, they simply can't compete with renewables. We should be bailing out the working families of this country, not the wealthy oil and coal companies.…

Twitter Web App : Internet access is a necessity, not a luxury. This crisis has made that clearer than ever before.

How are kids supposed to learn from home without internet? How can small businesses run if they can't get online?

We need high-speed internet for all.…

Twitter Web App : Food insecurity in households with children has increased by 130%. How, in the wealthiest country in the world, can we allow our children to go hungry?

We have got to make emergency nutrition support available to all families in need.…

Twitter Web App : 1.4 million people who work in the health industry have no health insurance at all. Americans are working in hospitals amid a deadly pandemic without any health coverage.

How insane is that?

We need Medicare for All.…

Twitter Web App : Since Day One of this crisis, Trump downplayed the danger, disregarded science, refused to make protective gear we need.

Now he says, “Hey, I'm tough! Ignore those Democrats. Let's get back to work.”

100,000 are dead. We still have no national testing strategy. What a disgrace.

Twitter Web App : We must cancel rent and mortgage payments until this crisis is over.

We must halt evictions and foreclosures until this crisis is over.…

Twitter Web App : Join us live as we discuss the critical issues impacting the Hispanic community during this pandemic with LULAC:

Participen en nuestro diálogo sobre los asuntos críticos que afectan la comunidad latina durante esta pandemia:…

iPhone : This is what corporate welfare is all about: The taxpayers fund the research, Gilead will make huge profits, and consumers will pay outrageous prices.

Drug companies cannot charge any price they want. These prices must be negotiated with the government.…

Twitter Media Studio : 11,000 coronavirus cases are tied to Tyson Foods, Smithfield Foods and JBS. It is our meat processing workers and other so-called low-level employees who now face the greatest risk of illness and death.

I dont care where you work. Our job is to keep all people alive.

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iPhone : Vermont's enormous lines for food assistance today show just how dire this crisis is, all across America.

No one should be going hungry right now in the richest country on Earth. The federal government has got to provide all the resources we need to protect these families.…

Twitter Web App : Maybe Jeff Bezos, the richest man on earth, should focus on providing all his workers with paid sick leave instead of pushing out propaganda to local news stations.…

TweetDeck : No family should have to fight their insurance company over a $2,000 bill for coronavirus treatment.

Our legislation says: We will lift this burden off your shoulders. Medicare will cover all out-of-pocket medical costs for the duration of this crisis.…

Twitter Web App : We cannot have 50 states going at it alone. What we need is testing going on all over this country so when we reopen the economy, workers understand they are working in a safe environment.…