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iPhone : And the last two times I was on, the first few people who interacted with me said something to the extent, “Oh you got me so hard baby. Wanna take care of this?” 🙄 And didn’t tip!

Yeah, I would much rather be productive in other ways than possibly make $10.00 in 2-3 hours.

iPhone : Today I am cleaning my house and maybe painting later.

I doubt I will get on MFC tonight or tomorrow. Like I said, I just cannot compete when there are so many models on.

iPhone : Thank you so much, Ana. I’m doing a little happy dance for you saying this because I have such a crush on you. 🥰 twitter.com/anafoxxx/statu…

iPhone : Try to imagine how it must feel for black Americans when they watch themselves being looted every single day. Police in America are looting black bodies.”

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iPhone : People still arguing that Hillary would’ve been worse than Drumph... 🤯🔫

Hmm, someone who never held a public office & is a raging narcissist, or someone who earned her JD from Yale Law School?

Yes, clearly the smart woman with more experience in govt would’ve been way worse.

iPhone : You can literally Google what legislation she sponsored and what bills she helped sign into law. 🙄

I guess writing the bill to get health care coverage for the 9/11 responders wasn’t a good thing? twitter.com/canibeyourstoo…

iPhone : Also, being a woman. I know I am more outspoken than most of my female counterparts, but I see male performers be just as political, but that doesn’t seem to deter fans from them. 🤔

iPhone : Thank you for furthering my argument. Other performers use fallacies to defend their political views, but because they’re either white, cuter, have bigger tits, a smaller build, or are younger than me, you’ll gladly follow them. twitter.com/pornstrzrule/s…

iPhone : The nerd in me would like to pop into the version of Earth where we had Gore, Obama, and then Hillary as Presidents.

And also the one where I dumbed myself down, just to see how much more money I had, and to provide further evidence to support my argument on this Earth.

iPhone : Before I get too much like Debbie Downer (I’m three shots in), I would like to say thank you to the fans who aren’t intimidated by me.

I appreciate all of you.

iPhone : As I was saying the other day, I have the data to back up my argument.

I have the least amount of followers for someone who has been in the industry for 4 years.

It’s depressing to me, to know that who I am as a person, is unattractive to most of you.

iPhone : I wasn’t needing a drink despite EVERYTHING going on right now, but man, reading what I just did, I need a fucking shot or three. 😳

iPhone : Seeing performers use fallacies over another black man getting killed, just furthers my argument that I will never be popular.

It’s just about tits and ass for most of you guys.


Twitter Web App : Millennials and Generation Z:

I hope your dumbasses who didn't vote the last election hopefully learned a thing or two over the past four years.

Fucking vote. It is immensely unattractive to hear your fucking excuses for why you didn't or why you won't.

Twitter Web App : As much as I despise social media sometimes, I'm loving that the Amish are trending.