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Twitter Web App : Where is all the stuff Cummings has written about pandemics, wanting a lockdown...

Twitter Web App : Do Conservative MPs not realise we can see that they are all writing the same tweet? Do they not care?

Twitter Web App : I love watching Robert cry over the shit he enabled. He really is like the dickhead he played in Peep Show…

Twitter Web App : Cummings carefully crafted tale falls apart once Jason Groves challenged his explanation for the 260 mile Durham trip. Admitting Mary Wakefield didnt have Covid-19 symptoms, Cummings claimed his home was being targeted by protestors when we were in lockdown, it simply wasnt.

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Twitter Web App : (He had) "Driven around 30 miles from his family farm to the town of Barnard Castle on Easter Sunday (12 April) - 15 days after he had displayed symptoms - in an effort to test his eyesight and readiness to drive back to London."

12 April - being Mrs Cumming's birthday.

Twitter Web App : So it doesn't concern you that he ignored the instruction, issued by yourself :
"Stay at home'
Remember Matt ? You looked straight to camera when you said
,"It's an instruction "…

Twitter Web App : The world is suffering from Covid 19.

But the UK is suffering from Covid 19 & Conservative 2020.

Our media is allowing them to get away with murder.

Twitter Web App : Poor old Dom.
His judgement is now being judged.
Many would resign - he will not.
He made no apology to those who do stay at home.
If he apologised - he admits he broke rules.
Cummings tells us not to believe the media!!!!
Why was he not tested?
Toilet break for 30min trip only?

Twitter Web App : So while everyone’s been looking at Cummings, the gov have announced schools definitely opening 1st June, non-essential shops 15th June, hospital admissions are rising and we still have no track and trace.

Twitter Web App : Wow, this man ran BBC Daily Politics & was May's Press man! Look at the bull shit here.
These fools know 0 shame.
Cummings will have to go.
Johnson should go too.
England is in the gutter.…

Twitter Web App : 'Cummings said he had fallen ill with “Covid symptoms” of a headache and fever the day after arriving in Durham.' More lies, it was announced he had the symptoms/virus whilst he was in Downing Street, there was footage of him running out of the back gate away from Number 10