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iPhone : Zach Bussey Twitch They’re pinching the penny today instead of getting the dollar tomorrow. Crossing the line with respecting creators in such a gross and repeated manner is only going to bolster their competition. Foolish decisions by clueless product leads, overseen by c-levels who don’t get it.

iPhone : It was a matter of time, but in the same breath as not providing us sufficient content copyright tools for the last EIGHT years, @twitch are now also grabbing for your tip income.

HALF of it. H A L F

Don’t be surprised, but do speak up.

Vote it down:……

iPhone : Important to note: this fiasco also hurts streamer economy. Removing VODs/Clips impacts your brand/sponsorship deals because they want those features enabled and that content generated.

Obv keep streams clean from copyrighted content as much as possible, but also: upload to YT!

iPhone : Kang jimmy_webs Jess 👑 🏳️‍🌈 YT does yes. And the have built tools to help keep creators on platform because they provide review options, edit options with public use sounds to go overtop that are matched in genre/tone automatically, they provide claims as an option, etc. YT invested in this. Twitch did not.

iPhone : Kang jimmy_webs Jess 👑 🏳️‍🌈 FYI: DMCAs can be false. They can be fraudulent. They can even trigger off public use sounds.

Twitch never bothered investing in robust tools to assist with DMCA being something that can be both legitimate and not - and therefore they’ve left their user base out in the cold.

iPhone : 🎃Jed Toadington🎃 Yep and all it would have taken is just investing in good DMCA tools anytime in the last 8 years. Instead they wasted time and money on many fluff features that no one asked for and no one uses.