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Bio She Should Run is a nonpartisan nonprofit working to dramatically increase the number of women considering a run for public office. #250kby2030
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Twitter Web App : Look at that shout out for She Should Run on The Daily Show 🎉! Like the #NotoriousRBG said, "Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time."

We must keep fighting for change even after we vote and get election results. #RepresentationMatters…

Twitter Web App : So thankful for the shout out from The Daily Show in their special about the #NotoriousRBG! We might be playing the long game for women's representation but we're in the fight together. #250Kby2030…

Twitter Web App : Getting more women in public office starts with getting more women to run.

The Ascend Fund supports nonpartisan organizations working to make that happen.

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Twitter Web App : More than 50 years after the passage of the Equal Pay Act of 1963, Latinas typically earn only 55 cents for every dollar earned by White men 🤦🏽‍♀️, meaning they must work nearly 23 months to earn what White men earned in 2019. #LatinaEqualPayDay

Sprout Social : Candidates can't afford to ignore the power of social media...across ALL platforms! #Twitch #WomenInPolitics…

Twitter Web App : #November3rd is the end of the election.

Not the end of the road for women's representation. The fight continues 💯. #250Kby2030

Sprout Social : "We have to start off by making clear that their voice is important. And what that reflects is severe lack of engagement." #RepresentationMatters…

Sprout Social : "The 2020 presidential election has been referred to as the “most important of our lifetime,” a cliche that’s been used for decades. This year, those calls to vote like your life depends on it may have a startling effect on the results."…

Sprout Social : A lot of firsts happening during this election, but Nicole Galloway is no stranger to being the first and only. #RepresentationMatters…

Twitter Web App : Are you ready to take action on issues you care about? This virtual event is for YOU! Join inspiring women leaders & learn how to run for local office. #GirlScoutsatHome


Sprout Social : Herstory was made in Iowa during this year's election! #250Kby2030…

Sprout Social : Women finding ways to get involved has always been something we can count on. #WomenLead…

Twitter Web App : What better way to spend a Sunday evening then considering a future run for office? With FREE resources that will help you develop your own leadership skills, you can join 22,000+ women on a quest to create change today. #250Kby2030

Twitter Web App : My wife Emily jokingly asked our five year old daughter to point at the TV & pick which person she wanted to be our president. When the moderator #KristenWelker showed up on screen she yelled “HER!”.

The future is looking very bright.

Twitter Web App : Don’t miss the ‘How to Run for Local Office’ virtual event! You will: 💁‍♀️Be a part of an empowering discussion! 📗Get a guidebook on how to make a difference in your community. 🤩E-meet women leaders.