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Android : A student of Fifth Semester English, in Areekkal, Kerala, sits on the roof of her house, the only place with fairly good signal strength for mobile data, attending classes online.

Photo courtesy: Sakkir Hussain, The Hindu.

Android : Know ones onions-- an
American phrase, first recorded in the May 1922 edition of Harpers Magazine: Mr. Roberts knows his onions, all right. ... with the sense of being highly knowledgeable in a particular field.

Android : What one would do for the love of cricket -- "Australia PM, Scott Morrison turns water boy during Prime Minister’s XI vs Sri Lanka game"

Android : In a world of fake news and false claims, heres a moment of truth.

This rare image, titled “The Moment-- a marmot  stands frozen in fear, slack-jawed and balanced on one foot, as a Tibetan fox moves to attack.

Android : He managed to click a selfie along with two world leaders in a single frame. Smart boy!
Narendra Modi
Donald J. Trump

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Android : Prepone was used in a religious text in 1549 meaning to set before.
The first usage instance of the word in the current sense was from  New York Times article -1913.
My research finding: it may have evolved from preponderance which means a considering beforehand.

Android : A passerby captured this adorable and heartwarming moment: Motorists in Maine City came to a standstill and waited patiently as a parade of ducklings waddled across the five lane road...even down to the last two stragglers.

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