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iPhone : #SJAVA
Creme de la creme .Lyrical excellence .Honey dripping beats .Unparalleled hits. Classy performance. Totally marvelous act and nights to remember 🔥
🌍World class
❄️ Ice cold bevs
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iPhone : Timing,rhythm,spaces,soul and more !!!! It’s Pansula ladies and gentlemen 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

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Instagram : Got my Lay’s… It’s time to enjoy a midday movie 🤤 .
#MoviesTasteBetterWithLays @layssouthafrica instagram.com/p/CFy_UfAgGgd/…

Android : Akubenjalo! I just have to finish off a couple other features and then we on. Loved that Idols audition. Plus ngathi unenhliziyo enhle so nginawe🙏🏾 twitter.com/VhudieOfficial…

Android : Training on how to become a solid member of ANC

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iPhone : Under the theme: “Together shaping the future of transport”, #OTM2020 aims to raise awareness of the important role of transport in the economy. Department of Transport Minister of Transport |Mr Fix

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iPhone : Meghan and Prince Harry called on Britain to grasp an opportunity to change “structural racism” which they said was holding young people of colour back sabcnews.com/sabcnews/princ… #sabcnews

iPhone : Mwalimu steph Nilipata kuandika humu >> What UAE exports most? Not Oil. Re exports $135bn while Crude Oil $32bn and natural gas $8bn. What lesson you learn from them then? << Logistics hub ndio inawezesha hiyo RE-EXPORTS. Ndio njia Rwanda inakwenda na sisi tunapoteza

iPhone : Mwakilishi Congressmember Bass amegusia uminywa wa uhuru wa kujieleza na habari ktk suala la #COVID19 ambapo taarifa haikusanywi wala kubadilishana, jambo linalohatarisha maisha ya wananchi na haki yao ya kupata na kutoa habari. Bass hakuacha pia kukosoa serikali yao #ChangeTanzania

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Android : Our Keynote Speaker, Dr. Zoe Marks, is LIVE now: facebook.com/HarvardAfrican…

Gender, Power, and Entrepreneurial Transformation for Future Africa #WomenChangingAfrica

Twitter for iPad : This is an unfair cartoon! Really now! Really! I am now focussed on the Medium Term Budget Policy Statement charting the economic recovery path forward. Please. No distractions.

iPhone : We saw all our friends buying tickets to #LawkFest and we couldn’t get left behind!
We’re giving away double tickets to 5 lucky people who quote this tweet with AT LEAST 3 artists represented by Lawk Communications (you must be following Lawk!) Let’s go!! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

iPhone : Hello beloved! 👋🏽 Sorry for the break but T.X & I back with an all new #VinoNoir and today were featuring the 2020 Kanonkop Wine Estate Pinotage Rose 🍷 Let us know which wines you wanna see on the show and most importantly, enjoy! ♥️

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Twitter Web App : On a school night? twitter.com/DuduetsangL/st…

iPhone : Introducing my TOP SECRET budget skin saviour.... GLYCERINE! 😁

Like Hyaluronic Acid, glycerine is a humectant, which basically means it sucks the moisture from the air into your skin.

#CultureKids when I tell you it gets the job DONE for a FRACTION of the price! 🤯🤩💦

iPhone : #TheCure
Is now officially fully booked, thank you to those who have booked we looking forward to having you this Saturday !

Dope beats , beautiful people, sexy drinks and delicious food awaits you.

Android : Hili nimeisha!

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Twitter Web App : Working the aquamarine: fishermen along tropical Mozambiques long coastline. This year shrimp and prawn remain the main seafood exports, totaling 90% Moz exports to EU.

iPhone : Must read! In 2019 alone 10 countries in Africa blocked internet access. Lisa Garbe warns that this is starting to become the new normal. But it is expensive - Nigers 3 day shutdown in 2016 cost $1.2 million. So what does the future hold? Lisa Garbe


Android : This is why the group chat is only created once payments have been made 😌 any group created before that is a lie 🤞🏾 twitter.com/s_resego/statu…

Twitter Web App : Have you registered for Jobberman Nigeria’s virtual career fair?

It’s going to be the largest gathering of champions with 10,000 highly skilled employees and 250 potential employers.

Here is the agenda of the day’s event.

iPhone : Should I have said Nigeria must do worse? Some of you need to do a lot of reasoning before you post these tweets. twitter.com/officialmrseun…

Android : My heart breaks for Chrissy and all womxn who have lost their babies . October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month. Please practise compassion & kindness because you don’t know the pain many walk with daily

Echobox : Last week’s tremor has anti-nuclear campaigners questioning the safety of Koeberg, although the nuclear facility said the plant is designed to sustain a magnitude-seven earthquake. mg.co.za/business/2020-…

iPhone : They will be traveling to remote areas to talk to women and look at socio-cultural aspects to #GBV. All of this is standard but as we know, it doesn’t happen often. PS. I’ve not mentioned other women because this is ongoing. They are okay with mentioning the two. ✊🏾

Android : Dr John Magufuli nadhani BABA unajisahau kwamba na wewe kama ilivyo SISI uko kwenye uchaguzi. Na kwenye UCHAGUZI kuna kupata na kukosa..sasa mwenzetu nani aliyekwambia UMESHAPATA?😂😂 au wale WEZI wenu wa KURA wameshakuhakikishia USHINDI wa MEZANI? Ndio unajisahau UNAROPOKA? twitter.com/eastafricatv/s…

Android : venus. Alimama Spaces with over #Airbnb 60 listings in Gauteng. Cape Town coming soon !

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Android : If ever there was a disease that has repeatedly led me down risky roads that I can never regret, it is the disease that leaves me forever hungry to hear of the love for and the commitment to my country Tanzania. (to be Chapter 3)

IFTTT : Now reading: Magufuli’s promise to Njombe residents if reelected on October 28 - The Citizen ift.tt/2HGIyQx

iPhone : Hii ni sehemu ya jengo letu la maktaba upande ambao tutaweka kompyuta. Tunamshukuru Naibu Katibu Mkuu kwa niaba ya Serikali yetu kujali Elimu ya watoto wa kike na kuahidi kutuongezea mabweni mengine mawili na madarasa mawili. Kwakweli tunajivunia jambo hili tulilolianzisha.

iPhone : I need to keep reminding myself that Im a whole mood!!!
Pure melanin goodness ankasa!!

Twitter Web App : Meet MN©️EDI The First Ever Man In SA To Test Positive For Being More Handsome In 1999 He Was Once Arrested For Being Handsome
Ta Smeg

Twitter Web App : For 5000 retweets I produce a song for someone here on twitter. A woman because its womans month(sorry gents🥺)

Retweet with the hashtag #PrinceKaybeeFindsNewTalent and a video of you singing. I choose one and we have a collaboration❤️. #HappyWomansMonth