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Twitter Web App : 4/ “A crisis will make the things that are wrong, wronger,

... and the things that are right, righter”

Blown away at the depth of the convo on this episode!

Twitter Web App : 3/ "We build our health system around hospitals to provide acute, expensive care

.. and that is LOW-value care on a global lvl & we devalue public health & population health."

We were woefully unprepared for the $$ hit the the #pandemic would cause

Twitter Web App : 2/ “Most structures come with #implicitbias that someone is always at home managing family but thats an outdated family structure -- actually thats not even economically stable in most cities!

Once you see it, you can't unsee it.

It's why the the school day ends at 2:54”

Twitter Web App : 1/ “The thin #childcare system was put together with glue and paper in the last 50 yrs as women have gone to work.

It was never really designed to give #womeninmedicine a successful launch into the workplace." - Kelly Graham, MD, MPH…

Twitter Web App : Good to have these 3 criteria in mind next time you find yourself asking the age old Q: is it #afib or #aflutter?!…

Twitter Web App : 1/ Welcome back, #medtwitter, to the latest installment of #12LeadThursday - #covid19 edition! Let’s put those calipers to work!

Take a look at this ECG. Approach it systematically. What do you see?

Twitter Web App : Yesterday, I had a consultation with a young Black woman about managing my new Instagram page. At the start, I asked for her consultation fee.

She replied, ‘It’s free.’

To which I said, ‘Your time is never free. Make sure you get paid.’

I sent her payment.


Twitter Web App : Was gender affirming care not touched upon in your didactics/rotations?

Starting point: CORE IM has 2 great episodes to start making your practice more inclusive. #ProtectTransKids

Gender affirming care:…

Hormone therapy:…

Twitter Web App : SGIM Awards = amazing emerging leaders

Are there any other conferences where so many key issues faced by our patients are so well represented?

✅Gaps in care
✅Virtual care
✅Health disparities
✅Social determinants of health
✅High cost drugs

Hats off to all!