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iPhone : You know what? I’m... I think I’m gonna put Twitter away for a few minutes before I throw this phone across the room.

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iPhone : For those keeping score at home:

The President refused to invoke the Defense Production Act to mobilize and save lives quickly against COVID-19.

But he didnt hesitate to invoke the 1807 Insurrection Act to deploy the military on American streets against protests.

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Android : This is UNEXCEPTABLE. San Diego Police Department shot an unarmed woman in the head. She had her hands up, she was standing on the corner, she was not a threat to anyone. People need to see what happened at La Mesa today.

Twitter Web App : Iran criticizes oppressive US reaction to protests: On Tuesday, Iran’s judiciary chief, Hojjatoleslam Raeesi, said US leaders should stand trial before the international courts on charge of deliberate homicide and racial discrimination. cnn.com/us/live-news/g…

iPhone : Senior military officer on Trump statement: So were going to tell our soldiers that were redeploying them from the Middle East to the midwest? What do we think theyre going to say, yeah, sure, no problem? Guess again.

Twitter for iPad : Trump fired tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful protestors so he could get a photo opp in front a church that didn’t want him there, holding a Bible from which he cannot name a single verse, all to prove he’s not a coward hiding in his bunker again. A perfect encapsulation.

Twitter Web App : 🔵 How COVID-19 could speed up smart-city visions

#SmartCity #5G #Covid19 #cloud #edge #iot #CyberSecurity #defstar5 p.dw.com/p/3d7ub

TweetDeck : ARKANSAS... peacefully kneeling protestors blasted by police...

Outrageous. (H/t Shelby Rose)

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Twitter Web App : Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano rips Trump for tweeting while America burns rawstory.com/2020/06/fox-ne…

iPhone : Tonight I issued the following statement on Donald J. Trump Releasing Tear Gas on Peaceful DC Protesters for Photo Op & His Threat to Deploy the Military. judiciary.house.gov/news/documents…

Twitter Web App : “A sacred respect for the Constitutional Law is the vital principle, the sustaining energy of a free government.”
― Alexander Hamilton

#Hamiltweet #Election2020 #VoteForChange