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Android : If I were the GOV of Georgia after hearing his citizens present testimony today I would stop all engines & decertify the election, conduct a complete and detailed audit of everything (not a fake recount) of ballots as well as the dominion machines immediately. But that’s just me.

Android : I may not have all pieces to puzzle right but something is rotten in GA related to Dominion voting machines. An investigation of GA officials linked to purchase & use of Dominion machines MUST be undertaken.

Does anyone in GA trust those machines in runoff election? I do not.

Android : We are circling the walls of Jericho, for election truth. - Lin Wood we agree. Were on it! All join us Dec 12th in DC & Swing States. RT

Click link for details:
#LetTheChurchRoar #JerichoMarch

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Sidney Powell 🇺🇸⭐⭐⭐
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Android : Wow! My eyes been opened since -11/3. I see more clearly now. We have too many career politicians who only care about money & power, not We The People. Too many Communist China sympathizers, socialist Democrats & disloyal Republicans. They are more alike than they are different.

Android : “and Mrs. Howe, fearing that they would fade from her mind, sprang out of bed, and in the gray half-light hastily wrote down her verses, went back to bed and fell asleep again.”

Android : “She slept quietly that night; but waking before dawn, found herself weaving together the lines of a poem, capable of being sung to the ‘John Brown’ tune. Line after line, and verse after verse fell into place,

Android : “who themselves took up the strain, in the interval crying, ‘Good for you!’ Our poet had often wished to write words to be sung to this tune, and now, indeed, had she ‘read a fiery gospel writ in burnished rows of steel.’

Android : “and the return drive was made through files of soldiers, who occupied almost the entire road. To beguile the tedium of their slow progress, Mrs. Howe and her friends sang army songs, among others, ‘John Brown’s Body.’ This seemed to please the soldiers...

Android : “Mrs. Howe has told of the martial sights and sounds in the national capital, and of her drive to a distance of several miles from the city to see a review of our troops. An attack of the enemy interrupted the program,

Android : “It was in December, 1861, that Mrs. Howe, in company with her husband... visited Washington, itself almost in the condition of an armed camp. On their journey thither ‘the watch-fires of a hundred circling camps’ gleamed in the darkness, the railroad being patrolled by pickets.

Android : The author was Julia Ward Howe. This is of great personal significance to me because I live on land that she and her husband, Samuel Gridley Howe, once owned. She passed away in 1910, aged 91, less than a mile from here. I believe her spirit is still here on Aquidneck Island.

Android : “The Battle Hymn,” was written in the first year of our first Civil War (1861), and as I fear we now stand on the brink of our second, it is time we take up once again these divine lyrics, commit them to memory, and sing them proudly to steel our nerves for the battle ahead.

Android : 🇺🇸The Battle Hymn of the Republic🇺🇸

Fellow patriots,

I have wanted to write this thread for quite some time, and though I rarely beg for help with retweets and visibility, I pray that you will indulge me here by sharing this widely.

🙏 Please read on. 👇